10 Composition Tips for shooting better movies with a GoPro

10 Composition Tips for shooting better movies with a GoPro

Time to stop pressing buttons and think a little bit about composition. We give you 10 tips to help you create and compose better shots for your GoPro movies.

Last week we looked at the technical aspects and tips for shooting better movies with your GoPro, this week it is time to stop pressing buttons and think a little bit about composition. We give you 10 tips to help you create and compose better shots for your movies.


1.Try and think of a unique narrative.

It may be true that your video is mostly about you kitesurfing, but if they can work narrative into pornography then you can make a bit of effort to give your film a story, and while you are doing it, why not make it unique and interesting to the viewer.


2. Plan your narrative beforehand and write/sketch it down.

It is called Storyboarding and this is one of the most important tips we can give you.

Knowing what shots you want, how long they will last, what tricks you want to get in ,how many lifestyle shots you need will help you organise your shooting.

If you are really serious then there is a new app called Storyboard Fountain which is free and incredible to help with this. www.storyboardfountain.com


3. if shooting alone, use static objects to fix your camera to.

Just because you have no friends or film crew, does not mean you can’t make a movie. Just don’t plant your camera on the beach and go out and have a session, …you will be a spec on the horizon.

Instead try and find static objects and things you can safely ride close to and fix your camera to them.

We are sorry Georgina Monti for using your clip, but it was fresh in our minds.

Yaaaay! I finally got a backroll to blind on camera. Sorry it's bad quality, had to stick my GoPro in the sand! Still a little inconsistent but it's a working progress :) (Click HD)

Posted by Georgina Monti on Wednesday, 17 June 2015

4. Be creative in where you attach your camera.

We Just told you to fix your camera to something, but where you choose can make for some interesting shots. A boat mast of of the side of a boat, to your friends kite but pointing out (so their kite becomes your personal drone) your dog (an idea we just had) …be creative.


5. The longer your selfie stick, the less stable your shot.

This is a very simple point. We love the stick as it helps us get closer to the action, …but a long stick waved around makes a shaky uncontrolled shot. Think about getting the rider closer and the angle less wide rather than trying to insert the stick into the rider mid-trick.


6. Think about the purpose of your ‘selfie’.

The ‘selfie’ has become the defacto shot for still and video in the last few years, but no one wants to see the view from your lines and you ride up and down and up and down, …so don’t overdo it. Think about the shot itself rather than just yourself in it.


7. A little bit of lifestyle goes a long way

Lifestyle shots are important in any film. They are not only there to fill the time between the action, they also help set the scene, the ambiance and introduce other aspects of the location to the viewers.

However, don’t overdo it with long drawn out shots of just one thing …if you watch professional movies they cut together a lot of great shots into very small fragments which only appear briefly giving you an real instant emotion from the scene, …not boredom.


8. Get creative with your panning shots.

Panning is the action of smooth camera movement within your shot. If you look at most professional movies they do this a lot, often with expensive equipment (a dolly).

You can still get this effect on a shoe string, literally. Skateboards, wooden board, string/rope, tripods have all been used to get a smooth panning shot. Have a google where you can find loads of tips.


9. No camera movement is better than shaky movement.

If you can think of creative ways to pan of use a tripod, then it is often better not to move at all. A static camera angle looks a lot more professional than a shaky one.


10. Test, review and re-shoot if you have to.

Rome was not built in a day. As many of the GoPro’s do not have screens on them it can be necessary to shoot, check and shoot again. Ideas need refining and testing, reviewing and re-shooting is the best way to do this.


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