10 Good Reasons Why You Should Try and Kite with a Foil

10 Good Reasons Why You Should Try and Kite with a Foil

Wondering what it might feel like to glide through the water without touching it. Marie Desandre Navarre gives you 10 reasons why you should get yourself on a foil once and for all!

Are you still wondering what it might feel like to glide through and over the water without even touching it.

If this is the case and you still have not made the leap of faith and had a go, Marie Desandre Navarre gives you 10 reasons why you should change that and get yourself on a foil once and for all!


1. You can start kiting with wind at just 8 knots!

The foil will massively increase your range of kiting as you can start riding with just 8-10 knots.


2. You are taking part in a whole new sport

Because the Foil is in itself a complete sport, you will discover a different side of kiteboarding.


3. You can rediscover the satisfaction of learning to master a new sport

With the foil you will rediscover the excitement of being a beginner at something and then be able to progress rapidly with the skills you already have with your kite.


4. You will have the sensation of flying

Who never dreamed of being Aladdin or Jasmine on a flying carpet.

The foil gives you that unique sensation of flying just above the water.


5. You can define the curves of your body

The foil works on balance and proprioception (positioning) which is perfect to help define all those lady lines.


6. While the others wait for the wind, you will already be in the water

With a foil you can ride whilst everyone else is still waiting on the beach for 15 knots.


7. You can have access to undiscovered areas

With a foil you cover more distance in less time leaving you free to go on long downwinders and explorations.


8. You can ride in complete serenity

You can appreciate riding in silence in complete harmony with nature, or be able to talk to your friends without shouting over the noise of the water.


9. You can be part of the growth of a new sport

Kitefoil is in its infancy and is evolving rapidly, we may even soon see freestyle on a foil.


10. You stay dry

On a foil you don’t get wet …most of the time.


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