10 Reasons Why Every Girl Should Get Into Waves – by Jalou Langeree

10 Reasons Why Every Girl Should Get Into Waves – by Jalou Langeree

Wave riding ignited Jalou Langeree’s world. These are her ten reasons why YOU should get into it and why she loves it so much.

I had been doing freestyle for many years and at one point I just lost my motivation for it. I stopped trying and did not love kiting that much any more, until I got into wave riding, which ignited my world.

These are my ten reasons why YOU should get into it and why I love it so much.



1. You can get the best conditions of your life

Well, You don’t always get the perfect conditions… wind is easy to get but in combination with waves it’s harder. So you need to be a little more patients, but once everything comes together you will love it and have the time of your life. Well I do.


2. It challenges yourself

Get out of your comfort zone and keep stepping it up. That’s the cool thing about wave riding it’s suitable to every level. Once you get into bigger surf you’ll feel that adrenaline rush which will work on you like a drug, you just want more!


3. Be able to surf will help you with kitesurfing

Surfing will really help your kitesurfing. So while you’re waiting for the wind paddle out to the line up and check out the waves. You don’t even have to catch them. Only looking at them from close by will help you be able to read the waves better. Plus it’s a good workout and you’ll know what it feels like when you lose you kite.


4. The search of the perfect wave

There are almost no words to describe the feeling of riding THE perfect wave. It’s you and the wave and everything else around you fades away.

When that wave gets smooth as butter and the wind is side-off that’s when the magic happens. You pick your wave follow it in, wait for the critical moment, that’s when you start your bottom turn. Very important is sitting low and bending your knees, let that butt stick out. Make sure it’s nice and edgy before heading for your top turn. Make sure to hit it just before it breaks, so it’s nice and steep. That will give you the YiihAAA feeling.


5. New kitesurf destinations

When I started wave riding I noticed that I was traveling to a lot of new kitesurf destinations.

Some of the top locations are Mauritius One Eye a very intimidating wave once it gets real big. Then Indonesia and Cape Town are also my top favorites.


6. New people, new style

Competing was very different too. I got to compete for 10 to 15 minutes instead of 7 minutes and I only had to share the competition area with a few other girls.

The scene was different new people and a big mix in age which makes it fun. It’s like in surfing, you get the old guys with the most experience. A good example is Pedro Henrique he had a surfing background and that is reflected in his kitesurf style.


7. There is always something to keep working on

I’m a goofy rider and I love mixing things up so when wind comes from the other side and I have to ride back side it’s such a difference.

A lot of the riders ride switch but I can’t so I’ll ride backside. Which is completely different from front side and is real hard to make it look stylish. There is always something to keep working on.


8. The best downwinders ever

Wave riding makes me smile and gives me a satisfied feeling. The long downwinders I often make are perfect for learning new stuff and you just pick the nicest waves over and over again. No worries about tacking back up wind.


Photo Credit: Mystic Kiteboarding

9. Learn from the others and share your passion together

I get to travel and train and share my passion for the sport with my brother. He pushes me gives me advice and he inspires me. I always look up to the men’s riding, they are the ones I want to learn from.


Jalou & Kevin Langeree. Photo: Ydwer

10. It will make you enjoy every moment of it

I’m still young and living my dream. Setting goals is something what keeps me motivated and willing to train hard.


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