10 Reasons Why Kitesurfing Will Strengthen Your Relationship

10 Reasons Why Kitesurfing Will Strengthen Your Relationship

Kitesurfing is a passion that requires commitment and time. This can sometimes be an issue when you are in a relationship. So we look at 10 reasons kitesurfing will strengthen your relationship.

Kitesurfing is a passion and like any passion it requires time and commitment. For those in a relationship these are not always things you have to spare, but if you think positively you will see that is not always a problem to kite while you are in a relationship and of course it can be even better when you are doing it together…

So let’s look at 10 reasons as to why and how kitesurfing can strengthen your relationship.


1. It will reduce your stress

By going kiting you will release the tensions and the stress you might have because of work, or family problems. Coming home with a fresh head and clear mind will help you to be a better partner and will help you communicate more with each other.


2. It will Increase your sex drive

Exercise (and here more specifically kitesurfing) increases blood flow throughout your entire body which make you more responsive to stimulation ;)


photo: Bianca Asher

3. It will make you feel confident

Having a good session and doing the tricks that you like (especially in your own style) will make you feel confident. A person who has high self-confidence will be more receptive to the others because you can’t love someone if you don’t first love yourself.


4. It will help you better understand your partner

By doing something with someone that you approach in different ways, you will gain more of an understanding of who your partner is and their thought process and actions, something that is very important to a healthy relationship.


5. It will grow the bond between you

If you both kitesurf and have fun together you will strengthen your relationship because “a couple that plays together, stays together”.


6. You will have more energy

Whilst kitesurfing you will help drive your energy levels through the roof because movement delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. It means that you will be ready to say “yes” more often!


7. You'll be there for each other

If you partner is kiting at the same time and gets in trouble, you will come to their rescue. Kitesurfing is a sport which asks for solidarity and support through both the good times, ..and the not so good.


8. You will sleep better

Spending time on the water doing exercise will make you sleep better. Sleeping well is one of the most important things in life to feel good and happy in every situation. If you are refreshed you will handle much better any problems including little couple quarrels.


9. You will be more happy

By doing things that you like you will be more happy and more attentive to your partner needs.


10. It will be a good excuse to travel the world together

Kitesurfing has the power to make you move and travel around. You will finally make plans together and you will be happy to spend your money doing something which is really important for the both of you.


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