10 Reasons Why SUP Yoga is Definitely Worth a Go

10 Reasons Why SUP Yoga is Definitely Worth a Go

Why not combine SUP and yoga when we know how beneficial each is to our bodies.We give you 10 reasons why SUP Yoga is definitely worth a go.

We already know how it can be beneficial to practice yoga in addition to our favourite water sports and we know how it satisfying is is to just slide on a smooth water on a SUP.

So we thought why not combine the two and try the SUP Yoga … that’s exactly what we did and that is why we will give you 10 reasons why SUP Yoga is definitely worth a go.


1. SUP and yoga is fun and challenging.

Because the board is not stable you have to find a good balance by engaging your body more and remaining concentrated.

It’s a better workout. The same muscles are challenged, but in a different way.


2. You will improve and refine your technique

Every placement of a foot, leg, or arm is key to keeping balance.

You will have a better understanding of your body position as your mistakes will not be forgiven on an unstable board.


3. You don’t have to be an advanced yoga student.

Simple yoga poses are all you need to develop body awareness.


4. Advanced students can bring another level of challenge to their practice.

If you are already comfortable with advanced poses try to put them into practice on a SUP and see how it can be challenging.


5. It’s more calming and the pace of your practice will slow down.

The sensation of floating will relax you and you will have to slow down your pace and gain more focus on your practice.


6. It will teaches you to get back up and to learn how to fall.

Because it’s important to know how to fall without hurting yourself and without being scared, the SUP Yoga will make you comfortable with the idea of falling even if your body is up side down.

It will teach you how to fall which is something that you want to be able to do especially when you practice kitesurfing and you are losing the control during a tricks.


7. It’s a bit scary and will motivated you to concentrate more on your poses.

The very real possibility of falling into the water provides just enough adrenaline to your workout to keep you focused and motivated.


8. It’s like hot yoga with instant refreshment.

Being outside in front of the sun will you make you sweat if you like hot yoga and the water will give you the chance to cool down really easily.


9. It's empowering.

The simple fact of being on the water will help you to get rid of the fear of falling and will help you to focus more on your poses.


10. It’s a chance to experience the beauty of the outdoors.

Being outside and enjoying the natural landscape… what can be better than that?


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