10 Reasons Why You Should Ride a Surfboard – By Kari Schibevaag

10 Reasons Why You Should Ride a Surfboard – By Kari Schibevaag

Our friend and former World Kitesurf Champion Kari Schibevaag gives us 10 good reasons why we should definitely ride a surfboard.

Our friend and former World Kitesurf Champion Kari Schibevaag gives us 10 good  reasons why we should definitely ride a surfboard.


1. It’s new, so it’s fun

After years on a twin tip its fun to try something else that’s like a mini snowboard on the water. Get out of the boots and straps and try a surf board.


2. You can play in the waves

Waves are more fun that flat water, but if you like flat water its also fun to try to jump with a strapless surf board by using little kickers.


3. You can use straps when you start

When you start its hard to get over the waves. I always recommend to start riding with straps and in small waves.

You can go faster and have more control . Always get control over the board before you take the straps off.

Remember is not just about being cooler without straps, the most important it’s to do what makes you happy and what makes you have fun out there.


4. you can get the feeling of pure surfing

With a surf board it is nice because you can get the feeling of pure surfing.


5. You can even go kiting with small waves and bad wind

You can have fun with a surf board when there are small waves and shitty wind. When it’s hard to do some freestyle because of choppy water it’s perfect to have fun with a surfboard.


6. You will have a lot of new things to learn

There is always something new to practice with a surfboard and you can always be improving. Its not like freestyle where after 20 years it’s game over.

You need time to learn how to read the waves and ride in different conditions. Thats why waves are the future for everyone. You will get there


7. You will never go back

Freestyle is fun but when you have tried a surfboard its hard to go back.


8. It hurts less when you crash

If you are not going out in giant waves and you are careful you will not hurt yourself as much as you would do with freestyle.


9. There is a giant choice of amazing board on the market

You can definitely find one you will love with the huge range that each brand offers on the market. Shape, size, design, girly or not for sure you will not think twice for which Christmas present you will ask for.


10. All your body will have a workout

When you are riding a surfboard and especially strapless you use your leg muscles and booty a lot especially when you have to keep your balance as you create micro contractions all over your body, without even realising that you do it. It’s like a giant power plate workout.


Written by Kari Schibevaag.

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