A Little Lesson of Courage and Class

I am speechless, falling in front of this magnificent demonstration of courage and will. There is not much to add, just watch and realise that nothing is impossible.

“Where the willingness is great, the difficulties diminish. ” – Nicolas Machiavelli.

Here’s what Jen had to say about learning to kiteboard:

“I know its dodgy, its mad but hey ain’t that why we are living…… I know all the risks and don’t worry I am not wrapped in cotton wool and I ain’t putting anyone else at risk! I have surfed, paddle boarded, knee boarded, kayaked, I am a diver, I can bench press my own body weight and have some hang time on the olympic rings. … oh yeah bungee jumped too. The only thing I cant do is walk. The ocean is where I am at peace, enough said.”

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