Blueprint Magnetic, Unbreakable Snow Goggles

Blueprint Magnetic, Unbreakable Snow Goggles

A girl can never have too many pairs of goggles, but the fiddly process of changing the lens can get a bit annoying. Now there is a solution that combines beauty and function… Blueprint.

A lot of us may still be in bikinis but the reality for everyone else is that winter is fast upon us. As that happens you will notice more and more snow related content from us as we head to the slopes with or without our kites.

Today we have a brand new innovation currently far exceeding their KickStarter goals already, but definitely one you should jump on the bandwagon (a girl can never have enough pairs of goggles).

The one problem we all know about with goggles is the fiddly process of changing the lens, which of course as weather conditions (and your style) change is an absolute essential. Now there is a simple and ‘unbreakable’ solution. Blueprint.

Beauty meets function.

Blueprint goggles give you not 6, not 8, but 10 high performance magnets to keep the lens in place – this is an industry first.


Super easy, simple and fast lens changing, the Blueprint way. You never have to worry about changing conditions on the mountain again.

With so many styles to choose from what is a girl to do?

Simple, head straight over to their KickStarter page and back the project now before it is too late!


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