Can You Snowkite While Pregnant

Can You Snowkite While Pregnant

Kitesurfing whilst pregnant is a subject that gets a lot of mixed opinions when we talk about it and whilst it is easy to offer sound advice on kiting ONCE you have had children, giving advice on riding whilst pregnant is a very touchy subject.

Kitesurfing whilst pregnant is a subject that gets a lot of mixed opinions when we talk about it and whilst it is easy to offer sound advice on kiting ONCE you have had children, giving advice on riding whilst pregnant is a very touchy subject.

That said a lot of expectant mothers out there still want to know, so the best way we can help them make choices is to share experiences of others. Of course our editor shared her experiences of kiting whilst pregnant a few years ago but now we have a new take on the subject from Russian rider and snow kiter Elena Antokhina.

Let’s hear her story…

My name is Elena Antokhina and I have been riding since 2007.

I have taken part in Russian competitions and many times won in freestyle and race disciplines. In 2008 my husband and myself opened our own kite school which works successfully today and organizes kite clinics all over the world.

In April 2016 my baby-princess was born means that I was pregnant  the whole last winter season. However it didn’t prevent me from staying at the kite spot. In February I went to the Far North of Russia where we have been organizing our snowkite tour ” Snow-White Tundra” for 8 years already.


Elena Grabbing with style

Pregnancy is not a disease and for me it is the best thing that could have ever happened to a woman. Certainly, safety is above all, as a mom needs to be responsible not only for herself but also for the baby who lives inside. That is why I want to share my experience in snowkiting while being pregnant with you.

This article will probably make you give up on this idea or in the contrary will encourage you to fulfill it.

It is permitted to ride a kite during pregnancy only if you are 100% confident in your abilities, in your physical condition and your health. It must be as easy for you as driving a car, riding a bike or roller skating for instance or whatever you are good at. You must be absolutely sure that you would not fall down. If there is even a hint of hesitation that you may fall, you would better not do it.


Elena and her family

What type of harness should I use?

So if you still feel confident in your skills and your are anxious to give your baby its first ride and take photos of this moment, I would recommend you to choose a waist harness instead of a seat one. Yes, exactly a waist harness. A seat harness is fixed under your stomach and its hook pulls up anyway and it starts pushing the stomach. So, we take a waist harness may be even one size bigger (I used my husband’s) and put it on under your breast. This way it won’t press your stomach for sure and you will ride comfortably.

Elena riding

Elena wearing her Manera waist harness

What clothes shall I wear if in winter any snowboard trousers do not fit a future mum?

I chose my favorite AirBlaster suit one size larger than I wore usually. This way I managed to avoid snow getting under my harness. Moreover, it helped me stay dry, warm and I could move freely what is very important for a pregnant woman. Under my suit I wore warm thermal underwear and special warm training trousers for pregnant women to avoid pressing on the stomach. If it was too cold, right above my suit I put on a light parka. Then even when it was -15, I felt warm.


Elena keeping baby warm underneath her AirBlaster suit

How should I progress?

It is also very important to choose a safe place for a launch, free from any obstacles within 50 meters. Be really attentive during the start! It would be great if your husband could insure you in case of a wind gust or any other mistake.


Little toe-side riding for mum to be Elena

Why type of conditions are the best for me to ride?

Before you go riding wait for a nice soft snow cover and choose the biggest and plain snow space where nobody and nothing can interfere and other riders at the spot would gladly give way to you.And certainly you should not ride when the wind is too strong. No matter how experienced you are, at a wind gust your kite might fall down without a pull and then it can tug you harshly. And this is dangerous for a pregnant woman. So I would recommend you to ride in a mild steady wind up to 18-20 knots.

I went snowkiting at a 14-kite when the wind was light and ideally steady not more than 12-15 knots but I am absolutely sure that a girl who ventures to do this courageous step, will be confident in herself and it will be unforgettable experience both for the mom and for her baby whom she could show these epic photos afterwards.


Enough gear for baby?

Snowkiting is one of the most wonderful and fascinating kinds of sport. Endless snow space will belong just to you and your baby. This year me and my husband , Nikolai Rakhmatov, spent 3 months in the North again. But this time we were with our 1-year old daughter, Mirra. I returned to snowkiting in full force. Our parents were able to join us on this trip and looked after the baby. It was a wonderful time outdoors for Mirra, for mum and dad it was work and exciting snowkiting. It is essential to be with your baby even if you are living at the end of the Earth!


Written by Elena Antokhina

You can follow this amazing mama on Instagram.

Please note this is is a story from an individual based on her experiences and choices. Everyone is different and experiences pregnancy and their thoughts as to how they live during this time differently. KiteSista and neither condones or endorses these choices but we encourage you to make sensible and educated choices and if in doubt always lean to the site of caution and safety and don’t ride while pregnant. 

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