Close Up on Julia Castro’s Style

Close Up on Julia Castro’s Style

We have seen recently Julia Castro wearing an adorable wetsuit and we thought that it was the right time to do a little close up on her style.

We have recently seen this image of Julia Castro which we liked of course but what got our attention was the lovely wetsuit that she was wearing…

… and because Julia is more than professional when asked  she detailed her full style guide which gave us the idea to dedicate a full article to her style.

So let’s take a close up style look at the beautiful Julia!


If we start with “the” wetsuit which attracted our attention, it is a Brazilian Brand called Guilla Brazil who make lovely surf suits for women and even for kids…

… a brand which we will introduce you really soon in a new article.

Bali Etnic Surfsuit model


Then we continue with the kite material and accessories…


Julia is wearing the Apex harness from Ion which is actually a mans harness which clearly makes no difference when you see what Julia can do with it on!


A Best team rider, Julia who is also an ambassador for Ion likes to ride hard, high and powerful.


She seems happy riding the TS which is a kite renowned for doing it all.


For the bar, Julia has chosen the Extract bar which is the one which had been created in a collaboration with Ruben Lenten.



The Profanity board is the board which will allow her to enjoy making some freestyle and even ride sliders and kickers for more fun.


Recently she changed her pair of Ronix frank boots for the really sexy Howl by Humanoidwake.


Nothing else to say except a giant wouah! We love them!


Julia Castro is known for being a really good rider and lovely girl but if there is one thing we shouldn’t forget…

… is to mentioned that she is as well a really beautiful young woman.


To know more about her and follow her in her adventures:

Facebook: Julia Castro Kiteboarding

Instagram: Julia fuerte


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