Custom Bustin Longboard by

Custom Bustin Longboard by

We love to customise our gear, but one thing we love more than this is when you show us your customisations.

We love to customise our gear, but one thing we love more than this is when you show us your customisations.

We woke up to a great email from Camilla Iversen from Denmark who showed us what she had done to her skateboard. We were amazed, especially at the precise detail in the lettering and logo, so we quickly got back to her and demanded (asked nicely) to know just how.


In the spirit of sharing this is what Camilla had to say…

I was in NYC/Brooklyn two weeks ago for inspiration for the new AW-collection, and that’s where I set my hands on this lovely board :)

First I went to the Bustin Flagship Store in Brooklyn to try out some of the rides: 340 Grand St Brooklyn – Cool place to start the day with a coffee and a croissant btw ;)

Then the day after I went to their other place in NYC: Longboard LOFT, 132 Allen Street – HUGE place, with everyting a longboard-heart desires

And the cool thing about that place is that you can pimp your ride even more :)

  • You can select any color of TRUCKS and
  • You can select WHEELS; shape, size and colour according to your preferences…


1. I do fashion/clothing and graphics for a living ;) So basically I started out with a lot of sketching.

2. Then I printed out some of the designs – decided on the one I liked best, and then made a PDF ‘Design-File in Size 1-to-1’ and sent it to my friend Aase at


I asked for 2 stickers:

  • 1 negative sticker: to stick on, and to spray on –> so I could remove it afterwards and see the ‘Dots’
  • And one transparent sticker with my Logo ( and with the all the Board Details which I still wanted to be visual.

(any print company could do this I reckon)

3. I went to a Paint Company here in Copenhagen, who is doing CUSTOM COLORS (this is definitely one of the tricks) ;) and I selected the exact very light pink, which I wanted.


4. Then I sanded my Bustin Board with fine sand paper

5. I sprayed on the Light Pink color

6. Then I put on the Dotted sticker and sprayed on the Black color


7. I took the sticker off, planted the Logo-sticker and Board-Detail sticker on the board – and finished off with transparent varnish.


…and there you go ;) Just pimped my Bustin ride…and I love it :)

No you see why we were so impressed. Thank you so much for sharing this with us and making our day.

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