DIY: Glittery Espadrilles

We recently showed you the glittery espadrilles and we thought maybe you’d be interested to know how you can make them yourself.

So here is a little tutorial for you to turn your boring espadrilles super stylish summer shoes.



What will you need?

1. A pair of espadrilles // 2. Some paper to protect wherever you are working // 3. A seam remover (optional) and a pair of scissors // 4. Masking tape// 5. Some Glitter // 6. A small bowl and a medium sized brush // 7. A bottle of spray lacquer // 8. Liquid white glue // 9. A Glue Gun.


Use the seam remover to first remove any branding labels if there are any.


Cover all the parts of the sole you wish to protect with the masking tape.


Cover your table with some paper to save a big mess.


In a small bowl, mix the liquid glue and glitter. You can be generous with the glitter.


Apply glitter glue with the brush over the entire surface of the shoe.


Sprinkle glitter over the glue coated shoe. Again feel free to be generous.


Let the shoes dry for a minimum of 12 hours.


Once the shoes are dry, remove all masking tape, and gently dust off any loose glitter.


Spray the lacquer on the entire surface of the shoes. The more you put, the more the glitter will hold, so do not be shy!

And that’s it, now it’s time for you to shine this summer!

(Source: leblogdartlex)


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