Eco Friendly Glasses That Float – Woody Frames

Eco Friendly Glasses That Float – Woody Frames

Looking for sunglasses with eco credentials that are stylish and float in the water so you won’t lose them. Look no further than Woody Frames.

Whether you are enjoying the strong sunshine of the southern hemisphere or the low winter rays in the north, these days there is no season where we can afford to be without a good pair of sunglasses.

We have all lost at least one par of sunglasses to the sea, so wouldn’t it be good if they floated. Well look no further as Woody Frames do just that. Why, because they are made out of 100% natural bamboo which is super lightweight and you can even claim your eco credentials whilst looking cool at the same time.


With 8 models to choose from you are sure to find a pair that suits you and we have taken the time to select our favourite models for you.


Royal Purple Hazzies - CLICK TO BUY

Did we mention that all of the glasses are 100% polarised, yes, premium protection for your eyes at an affordable cost.


Sun Burst Boozers - CLICK TO BUY

Each pair also comes with it’s own bamboo case and microfibre bag so you can be sure to protect your glasses when they are in your bag.


Sky Blue Boozers - CLICK TO BUY


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