Every kiteSista Should Go On an Extreme Down-Wind Adventure

Every kiteSista Should Go On an Extreme Down-Wind Adventure

If the thought of a 500km downwinder has you running for you home comforts, read on. It may not be easy but as these three girls found out, it is well worth every moment and they recommend you add it to your bucket list.

You often hear about long down wind adventures and certainly if you have never done a down wind ride at all they will seem an entire world away from your kiting, but even those who have done the occasional downwind kite for fun, the thought of day after day of 6+ hours of riding and sleeping in the middle of nowhere will quite likely be a step too far.

You might however be wrong. In a society where we seek to constantly challenge ourselves and push our boundaries this could actually be just the challenge you are looking for.

Mariam Hernandez, Teresa Utseso and Julia Castro took part in the 2017 Dakhla Downwind, the 3rd edition of this an extreme downwinder where they kited 500km along the Western Saharan coast and they got together to tell us about their experiences through a set of fact, information and moments in case you’re thinking of joining the next one.


It IS for you

It is an awesome experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or a guy, doing an extreme downwind is something epic you should experience at least once in your life.


The good, the bad and...

You get to know super cool people in a very different way. You just don’t go to the beach and meet people. You spend a week in the desert with these people, you spend a week in the water with these people and you experience the good and the bad with these people.


Be prepared

You get to spend a lot of time in the water. If you’re craving some time in the water, then this is definitely your adventure.

If you bring some sweets or nice food you will be very popular in the camp after a few days

Don’t forget to bring the following:

  • Energy bars
  • Good sunscreen for your face
  • Lip balm
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses

after 200 km you look 10 years older – so don’t bring a mirror

  • Camelbak
  • Definitely, menstrual cups are THE thing to bring to this trip
  • Sleeping bag
  • Lantern
  • a long wetsuit (because it might be warm in the morning, but after an entire day in the water you will be glad to have it)

those lips will not be kissable for a while without a good lip balm



Is it just not just a downwind. You’re going to be doing 500km. This should seem like a lot because it is. Think about it like this: you will have in your pocket 500km of experiences. Problems will occur and  you will have to learn how to solve them.



This is something that some people might think is not important but, you need to be in shape. At least, you need to be able to spend several hours standing on your board and steering your kite.

Get some good physical preparation before entering on this kind of adventure then you will feel more comfy in the water.



Make sure your gear is in good condition. It is annoying to have to wait for someone to be rescued because their gear was not in good condition and it broke. Make sure that you check that what you bring is going to be good enough for the task at hand.



See the country from a different point of view. People take cars and do road trips, so this is like a road trip but in the water. You definitely get to see the country from a different point of view and you get to see things that, otherwise, you wouldn’t see at all.

For more information on the Dakhla Downwinder you can follow their Facebook page.

Words by Julia Castro.


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