Hair, Sun and Sea .. Stop the disaster!

It’s well known girls that it is no longer enough to protect our skin from sun damage, we must also take care of our precious little heads … and yes, already after a couple of days of kite surfing and sun without protection, you will very quickly have the new look of a witch complete with a pretty panda’s mask.

So to solve this problem without question we must use the right products for our skin and our hair. Oils, creams, hair spray that are enriched by moisturising and protective properties and leave a pleasant scent on our hair while providing softness and shine … In short we seek perfection!

To moisturise our hair you must use and abuse a dry oil. Also you can apply the same oil on the body and face … but watch out ladies, no-one wants to look like a giant greasy fried chip, so we use a light-handed touch. Actually you have just to spray oil on the tips only EXCEPT for the bleached-barbies like me, blonde girls for to be precise (natural or not so natural), we must forget it during exposure to the sun at the risk of burning our hair already discoloured hair, so just apply it to damp hair at night under a warm towel and leave it on for a few minutes.

Products we can’t live without …

Phyto beach hair oil

Phyto beach hair oil “The Original” moisturising and regenerating… to be applied before sun exposure and renew it throughout the day.

For a very high protection for the most sensitive hair is the protective fluid by Rene Furterer:

protective fluid by Rene Furterer

And in the L’Oréal Solar Expert series my favourite …The most sublime protective spray.

L'Oréal Solar Expert protective spray

Not to mention the essential conditioner … with a ??sweet apricot smell, I love it!

L'Oréal Solar Expert essential conditioner

Finally, for the mermaids who prefer to avoid oil … we try the sweet jelly ultra protective Rene Furterer, only a single application is required:

Rene Furterer Ultra Protective

And now you just have to choose your favourite!

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