How to Achieve the Perfect Manicure for Watersports

We have already introduced you to the concept of nail gels for your manicure… but now with some of our personal experience for you we have thoroughly tested the BEST home kite manicure kit and we will never stop using it!


We shouldn’t say that but it is not always necessary to go to a beauty salon to get the perfect manicure anymore…

… now there is a kit that once you know about it you will never travel without it: The Geltox by Ciate.


What is it? A kit which contains a mini UV lamp (that you can take everywhere with you), a geltox Top Coat that you just have to apply on your normal nail polish and a Geltox cleanser.

And that’s it! You get a semi-permanent manicure which doesn’t come off after your first kite or surf session and you can do it by yourself anywhere! You can use all your normal nail polish, every colour, you just protect it with the Geltox.



Stop searching for something better… it doesn’t exist!

If you want to get your kit, just go on Ciate Official and order it online now. …and we promise we have not been paid of asked to say this. It is our service to womankind.

Ciate mani

You can even play with some cool accessories by adding a bit of flair to your manicure…



… by using little tempory tattoos called Calligraphy Nail Tattoos by Bourjois and their dotting tool, the indispensable tool to have for nail art.


Ok now time to practive, have a go and share your designs on Instagram with #KiteSista.

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