How to Choose Your Sensi Graves Bikini

How to Choose Your Sensi Graves Bikini

For those who are wondering which Sensi Graves Bikini model, which shape and which style to choose … Sofi Chevalier will explain everything to you!

Everyone seems to be wearing more and more and fall in love with these bikinis … Sensi Graves Bikinis have invaded the world of kiting and wherever you will go you will likely find a kite sista wearing one.


For my part I had the chance to join the team recently and complete my collection with virtually all the models … I would not go as far as to call me an expert in bikini choice but I do have more than my fair share of experience in the subject and am more than happy to share some of this expertise with you. So for all those who are wondering which model, which shape and which style to choose … look no further, I will explain everything to you!


Of course it’s all about shape and style. The Most important thing to be in the right bikini is to feel sexy and good about yourself.


For all those who like me have a small bust and little chest I highly recommend the Dawn and Colleen tops because they show what you’ve got even if you do not have the attributes of Pamela Anderson. There are a variety of colours available and the Colleen is reversible which offers even more possible combinations.
I have also ordered the Jenna top in Palm Island that covers a bit more and is super comfortable … the top you need when you are trying out new tricks!


For those who have a little more in chest department and are looking for something unquestionability sexy, I advise you to go for the Claire top (I love it), the Jaime top and Caroline which bring together femininity, comfort and support.


Personally I also love wearing the Caroline top  … but it is relatively small in size so be careful in choosing your size if you have broad shoulders.
Do not forget to check the size chart on the Sensi site that will tell you everything you need to help you you choose the perfect size.


When it comes to the bottoms it is really “up to you” … For my part I like the shapes that are a little wider on the hips and a little more exposed on the bum :) so I’m a big fan of Kyla, Melanie, Gilian and Melissa. They are all as beautiful as each other with maybe a little preference for Kyla … but I would advise to wear the Melissa or Melanie if you go for a training session and Kyla for a photoshoot.


For those who do not want to show their bottom there are two perfect options, the Emma bottom (which goes great really well with the Claire top thanks to the small openings on the sides) and the Lindsy bottoms that will allow you to feel both beautiful and comfortable in your swimsuit.


There also are two options for those who do not have very wide hips, Océanea and Ashley bottoms … both of these bottoms are known not to move due to their wide belt and in addition are super cute to wear.


Regarding colour choices, this was the hardest part for for me because I can never make up my mind … the Ikat prints are stunning but I have to admit that I also crack for the Island Palm.


One of the things that you can have fun with the Sensi collection is that you can match a lot of tops with most of the bottoms. Simply check the name of the colours in order to match a top with a bottom. For example I wear the Claire top in Island Palm with Blood Orange Melanie bottoms or the Caroline top in Blue Ikat with Kyla bottoms in Periwinkle.


I like to chop and change and this way you always have the impression that you are wearing different bikini each day … people are always asking me “How many bikinis do you actually own? “. Of course I have a lot but … even without it you can have fun mixing and matching to boost the size of your collection super easily.


I Hope to have helped you gain a little more knowledge about the collection and of course do not hesitate to contact me for more infos and follow me here:

Facebook: sofi.kitesista
And instagram: sofi.chevalier

I will be happy to help you!

By Sofi Chevalier


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