June Swimwear New Summer 2015 Collection is Here

June Swimwear New Summer 2015 Collection is Here

The new June Swimwear summer 2015 collection is now available online as worn by our adorable team rider Rita who is also an ambassador for the brand.

Our lovely team rider Rita Arnaus who is as well an adorable ambassador for June Swimwear shared yesterday the new June Swimwear’s video and we loved it.


We stole all the best shots from the collection to show you some nice pieces now available on the site.


The Alannie Sea Pearl is unfortunately already sold out but don’t worries girls there is still a huge range to satisfy all of you.


Like this one, the One Piece Alannie Black


The Top Jade Black will never disappointed you during your surf or kite session as it stays perfectly on…


… like the Top Java Black.


If you are enough confident with yourself and you want get the perfect tan you should definitely choose the Bootikini Mexico + Cami OuiSurf which is just adorable.


Or the Bootikini Maya Sea Pearl + Cami OuiSurf.


If you are ready to shop, please go visit June Swimwear and if you’re still not completly sure about which one you prefer have a look to the new 2015 June Swimwear’s video in their Facebook page.

Enjoy and don’t forget to follow June here:

Facebook: JuneSwimwear

Instagram: @Juneswimwear


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