Kassia Meador Surf Suits – Pre Sale

Kassia Meador Surf Suits – Pre Sale

We promised you to keep you informed of the official release of the new line of wetsuits of line created by Kassia Meador … well, that time is now.

You may remember that a few weeks ago we were quickly introduced to a new line of wetsuits created by the talented and famous surfer Kassia Meador.


We also promised to keep you informed as soon as they were officially released …


… and that is exactly what we are doing as we have the pleasure of announcing that you can now finally get them on pre-order from the site for a chance to wear it in April.


Here, without further delay are some of the products available for pre-order.


2 mm Long Arm Spring, available in 3 colours…

… pink, turquoise and tie dye.


2 mm Not So Long Jane, available in 2 colours…

… Blue-grey and tie dye.


2 mm Psychedelic Shorty


3 mm Psychedelic Full, available in 3 colours…

… pink, purple-green and tie dye.


2 mm Psychedelic Jacket, available in 3 colours…

… pink, blue-grey and tie dye.


For more information and to see the collection in its entirety, go directly to Kassia + Surf.


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