Kiteboard Hero – A Kiteboarding Game That Actually Works

Kiteboard Hero – A Kiteboarding Game That Actually Works

The first ever ‘real-feel’ kitesurfing game. Read our review because after playing Kiteboard Hero we can tell you that it is very good and more than just a game.

Oh we have waited a long time for this and approach kiteboarding games with more than a touch of skepticism, but after spending the last 40 minutes playing this we can tell you that it is not perfect, but it is pretty damn good.

Kiteboard Hero has just launched and is marketed as “first ever ‘real-feel’ kitesurfing game”.


First Impressions

From the moment you fire it up you are presented with a series of tutorials that you must complete in order to access the full functionality of the game, starting with basic kite control, moving on to body dragging, board starts etc.



The first thought that struck as as we fired the game up and started playing the tutorials is that this is the PERFECT way to explain some of the fundamentals to students and those who know nothing about kitesurfing.

Of course there is no real feeling and it is not a substitute for a proper lesson (before anyone chimes in about safety) but to explain and demonstrate concepts, this becomes a lot more than just a game.


EVERYONE must start with the trainer kite

Confines and Limitations

You would think that you might be limited to following the ‘rules’ of the tutorial, but you are not, …for instance when it came to board starts you are advised to bring the kite up gently to 12 and then down to the other side of the window, as any kiter knows, …but we were not having any of that, as I prefer to do in real life, a sharp pull on the back of the bar sent my kite lopping round and pulled me straight into a confident riding position immediately. ….the game did not seem to mind one bit.



Control of the game is achieved through bar control on the left of your screen via a up and down dragging motion of your finger (we question if left-right might not have been better and have asked the development team about this – but this is version 1.0), and board control is done with the tilting of your phone/tablet backwards and forwards to move from heelside to toeside edge.

Once you get into tricks you get a secondary set of control on the right for grabs, spins and to indicate your jump power.

That’s it, that is all you need to be completely hooked.


More than just a game

As we also run kite camps and kite coaching it often becomes necessary at the end of the day to explain errors and correct clients kite control.

This app will allow us to explain concepts that clients sometime find hard to understand and correct mistakes that are made repeatedly.

The addition of the ability to record your replays will also allow us to prepare tutorial videos explaining concepts so we don’t end up just gaming with our clients.

We can see a tablet with this on it becoming a no-wind essential for all kite centres around the world.


Final Thoughts

We should add at this point, we have not been paid to write this review, …nope this review is powered by genuine schoolboy excitement at a sport we enjoy finally being available in a gaming environment.

Although I might be showing my age here, I have not been this excited about a simple game since the surfing option in ‘California Games’ on the Atari Lynx – now who else remembers that?



Who remembers this?

So what are you waiting for, go and Download Kiteboard Hero now because we guarantee it will not be a waste of your €1.99/£1.99/$1.99 and it is half price for the first month.

Download Kiteboard Hero in the App Store

Download Kiteboard Hero in Google Play

Can't find it with those links?

We actually had the same issue, we are not sure if it was a country setting issue, …so just go on your device in w web browser and search Kiteboard Hero and click on the link you get there.

Happy gaming!


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