KiteSista Introduces:

KiteSista Introduces:

We love finding new products, new designs and new inspirations … and that’s exactly what we found in Tarifa when we met Maria Maloo the woman behind Mala Mujer.

You know full well how much we love finding new products for you, new brands, new creations, new inspiration and that’s exactly what we did when we went to Tarifa for The Butterfly Effect which we partnered and participated in.

The story is simple … it starts with a meeting with a young woman named Maria Malo Feijoo whom without even knowing us provided a place to stay in Tarifa and above all that gave us her friendship.


KSm: Maria, van you briefly introduce yourself and share with us the spirit behind Mala Mujer…

MM: I was born and raised in Madrid, fortunately not in the city but in a house in the countryside, where as a very little girl I got to enjoy time around horses and nature.
For 10 years of my life while I was studying, I was training and competing internationally in show jumping. My other two passions, the sea and the mountains, were also very present in my life, from starting skiing at 3 years old and also water sports since I was little.

For me the outdoor life and sport is fundamental, is the essence, the driving force, joy, life … whatever may be happening in the world or in my life, a good session of yoga, windsurfing, kitesurfing, a horseback ride, a good skiing day …makes me feels the world stops and all the problems disappear.

I love and respect nature, and I’m interested in deepening the understanding of humans beings and our origin from it, whilst participating in the evolution of human consciousness


I always knew that Madrid was not my place, and against the opinion of my family, I decided to leave the follow my own path and move to live in the mountains in winter and near the ocean in summer. I’ve never been a conformist and have always been very decisive with every choice I’ve made ??in my life.

That´s Mala Mujer, she is an independent, sassy woman, who likes to feel sexy, who does not comply with established rules just because someone else decides. A strong woman with character, and with enough personality to make her own decisions, confident in herself and following her dreams knowing sometimes the road is complicated. I believe this is the common denominator of all women who identify with my brand.


KSm: You yourself are a surfer, windsurfer and kiter, so which products from he Mala Mujer range would you recommend to our readers who are always searching for the perfect outfit to ride in?

MM: Each collection has a little of two sides to it, safe and comfortable clothes that let you play in the water without giving up on being super sexy at the same time.

The Smin bottoms, Frangipani bottoms, and Lili bottoms are definitely the best 3 options when you do not want to loose your bikini while riding a wave. They are also specially designed to not annoy you when worn under your wetsuit.

Mala Mujer Bikini Bottoms

For the tops to go kiting or windsurfing, Frangipani or Azami are the best.

To go surfing and not irritate your skin with the board, I always recommend our lycra top.

Top Surf Nylon Mala Mujer

KSm: We also know that you are an avid fan of yoga which has a large impact on your perspectives in life both personally and professionally …can you tell us a little bit more about this?

MM:  I crossed the path of yoga at a time in which the work was monopolising my life. Mala Mujer was growing so fast that it absorbed every second of my time, I had too much pressure and I entered a personal crisis. I knew I needed to find a balance. It makes no sense to work if I do not have time in my day to continue enjoying everything I love.


First was Iyengar, therapeutic yoga, which calmed me and pulled all the tension that had been building for years. Slowly as I went more and more down this path and started learning meditation and Anusarah yoga to the point that they have become the pillars of my life.

It is an important and necessary issue of mental health, yoga unlocks and lets the energy flow and meditation merges with the essence, that’s where I connect with my inner strength and inspiration.


Mala Mujer Yoga underwears:


KSm: What news and futures projects do you have coming up that you can share with us?

MM:  In addition to designing clothing collections, I am now decorating houses, I enjoy creating spaces, and I’m very happy with this new adventure.
I’ll keep traveling, combining work and passions while deepening my inner journey with the intention of being a better person each day and to help others who are also on the way of understanding with the purpose of achieving happiness

Mala Mujer’s products are available in our online shop or directly on Don’t hesitate to contact Mala Mujer if you need more informations.

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