KiteSista is Back on Track – Introducing the New Team

KiteSista is Back on Track – Introducing the New Team

We are proud to inform you that we are finally back on track to build again a beautiful community of empowering women to support each other in our passion for board sports and more specifically Kiteboarding… meet the new KiteSista Team!

Hi ladies,

We would like to apologize for the lack of presence this last year… and we would like to inform you that we are finally back on track to build again a beautiful community of empowering women to support each other in our passion for board sports and more specifically Kiteboarding. We are also here to share our commitment to a more spiritual path taking care of our inner-selves, getting closer to the beauty of our highest consciousness.

Here at KiteSista, we believe that we can not do something that we truly love without putting our soul into it and as we mentioned previously in one of our articles, sport and spirituality are the perfect combination… why? Well, because when you really think about it when we’re playing, we’re in love with what we’re doing and playing involves you in what you do and while you are doing sports you are yourself playing, involving yourself into a situation in which you exist, and that is the essence of life.

Our mission now is to make sure that every single lady who would like to feel supported, who would like to see the beauty of getting closer to the ocean and nature, who would like to challenge themselves by doing something new or would like to find advice and a safe place in their new path, can find it here with us.



I am Sofi Chevalier and I am the creator, owner and editor of KiteSista magazine and I have been putting so much energy into this project since the beginning that it actually hurted me so much when I realized I was stopping doing it with my heart.
KiteSista has changed and it was not my project anymore, it was not my baby anymore and at the end of the day I neglected the most beautiful project I had ever created.
It took me a year to realize this and here I am… and I would like to apologize to you girls for my absence and I would like to tell you something really important…
It is always when you reach the bottom that you can rise up again.


Sofi Chevalier

KiteSista from now is going to rise up again… because I understood something really important… there is no point in doing something if you don’t do it with your heart wide open. I couldn’t do it anymore… not because I didn’t want to, but just because my heart wasn’t there and it was not good timing for me. But then, the light came back and I found on my path two other sunshines who enlighten my path too.
Tanja and Carole are two amazing women who have held my hand helping me to rise again and to see the beauty of what I had created with KiteSista. Not only that, but also what we could enlighten again all together because our inner shine Ladies, has the power to light up the world.

So here we are now, a small family of three women who want to bring you light and motivation to help you to do what makes you happy and to support you in your new challenges.
From now we will be 3 light workers and 3 kiteboarding ladies who will put their energy all together into this beautiful project, always with a heart wide open.

More info about Sofi here.


Since I started kitesurfing in 2005, I have loved to empower women in this fascinating sport and it’s such a great joy to see so many girls on the beach nowadays! My life since then has been around kiteboarding, travelling, competing and creating my own kitesurfing school and tour operator called Free your Mind experience.
In 2012 I started my path of Yoga, became a teacher and combining it with kitesurfing has been one of the greatest fusions I have encountered. Since then, have been spreading the knowledge acquired and loving the positive impact it has had on so many people! In 2014, I became a mom, which is the biggest gift of life! My 5 years old son today, speaks 5 languages, surfs and has not been to school yet.


Tanja Rosario

I am also judging for the GKA world tour and as the onliest female international judge, I truly hope that within the next few years we will see more and more women out there ripping waves and kicking asses with new freestyle tricks.
The fusion with Sophie and Carole opens up a new channel to reach out to you, strong women who love to nature, the earth and its energies!
I am so happy and proud to walk this path together and hope to enrich our journeys and inspire each other!
I am always open for feedback, suggestions and any kind of activity from your side girls, as you are the ones that make this community alive! And that’s why we are here! With you, for you!

More info about Tanja here


I am Carole de Travieso, and if I had to describe myself in one word, it would probably be Soulsurfer :)
Surfing the waves of life with my heart and soul, as well as with my board!
I co-own and manage with my soul-sister (& sister-in-law, Tanja), a kite, yoga and surf business based in Tarifa (Spain) as well as Morocco. Which by the way, was a great playground where I grew up and made me the water addict I am today!
Surfer since I was 5 and kitesurfer for 3 years now, I have been always striving for feeding my spirit and follow my heart, chasing wind and waves all over the world.
Then, 10 years ago, I discovered yoga and adding it to my life, took me to an incredible new path, giving it meaning and purpose as well as developing the skills of healing. (I am since 2013 Reiki Master too)


Carole de Travieso

I feel blessed to be able to live the life I dreamed of: doing what I love, sharing my passions, learning everyday from others…and today, it has led me to KiteSista, together with 2 beautiful souls and empowered women, Sofi and Tanja, with the same vision and will: share our stoke for kitesurfing as well as bringing awareness, healing and empowerment to all of you Sisters!
You can probably now understand why I am beyond excited for this new venture!
So stay tuned, keep close ;) and let us take you through a journey of self-discovery, thrill and absolute fullfilment: kitesurfing and spreading YOUR unique light wherever you go!

More info about Carole here

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