KiteSista Limited Edition Series 01 – Only Available for 14 Days

KiteSista Limited Edition Series 01 – Only Available for 14 Days

It’s here, the first of of very limited edition prints. You have 14 days only to get one before they are no longer available so don’t waste any time. #01 in the KiteSista Limited Edition series of merchandise had landed.

Welcome to the first of our new limited editions series.

These limited edition sweatshirts are only going to be available for 14 days*. That is it. They will never be printed again no matter how much you beg us. So if you see it and you like it, don’t hesitate, grab it now or the next time you see it someone else wearing it and your hesitation will be replaced with regret.

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*These sweatshirts are available until the 3rd February 2017, then then will never again be available for purchase.


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The Story

Merchandise can be a tricky one for businesses of our size. Do we buy cheaply in bulk and end up with moderate quality mass produced marketing material that we give away or try and sell cheap in order to get our logo onto you.

After testing a number of different suppliers and not being overly impressed with the quality we finally found a company who provided garments we were proud to put out names onto, however that left us with the problem of design.

We had the choice to just stick our logo on the items and assume that merely wearing our logo would make you proud.

Then we asked ourselves what would we want from KiteSista …and the answer was easy. To feel special. To feel that your item was part of the KiteSista ethos and that both you and it were created with love for and by Kite Sista’s themselves.

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The Concept

Each month we will be asking a Kite Sista (riders, readers and some special guests) to design an item of clothing exclusively for you.

These limited edition pieces will then be available to buy for 14 days and 14 days only – after that they will never be made available for sale again.

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The Artist - Sophie Jardin

Sophie Jardin is a designer, illustrator, kitesurfer, wakeboarder, snowboarder and all round action girl has worked for Gidesoul, Truli, On The Lip and Val’idees as well as her own custom board designs under Kalypso Concept.

Truly embodying the KiteSista concept she was a perfect choice to design our monthly print spreads for The Kite Mag and is the only person outside of our office rated highly enough to have her own KiteSista email address.

Spending her time between the UK and Switzerland she switches identities from Jardin to Garden just as speedily as she meets our impossible deadlines.

There was no one else we would rather have design our first ‘KiteSista Limited Editions’ product and we are thrilled with the result which blends simplicity with a stylised impact that is very much hers.

For more information on Sophie you can visit her site at


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