KiteSista Meets: Cécilia Thibier

KiteSista Meets: Cécilia Thibier

We crossed paths with a young and very talented woman who caught our attention through her pictures constructed of sunshine and happiness, meet Cécilia Thibier.

We just love meeting people from all over the world, we love to listen to their stories and discover what their passions are… we also just love to simply open our mind and eyes to discover the beauty in those who inhabit our world.

Having introduced you to artists, illustrators, musicians and dancers – this time we have crossed paths with a young and very talented woman who caught our attention through her pictures constructed of sunshine and happiness, revealing the beauty of a day spent at the beach, the joy of time spent surrounded by friends, warm summer nights and the sound of breaking waves.

Cécilia Thibier - KiteSista

We only have to look at her photos to feel the moment and the atmosphere contained within. This defines the talent and art of Cécilia Thibier and it gives us great pleasure to introduce her to you.

Hi Cécilia. You are a very talented photographer, mother of one and living in the beautiful of town of Biarritz… but we would like to know a bit more about you…

Your work has a clear attachment to the world of board sports. Is this a world that you find gives you inspiration and allows you to use your talents in the best way?

To find my inspiration here is in Biarritz it is quiet easy… I’m living in the most beautiful part of the country, the south-west coast where you can play with all kinds of light and the ocean, providing constant fascination. Board sports give me a lot of inspiration as I love the fact that you have to face a powerful element in the water… each days never quite looks the same and routine doesn’t exist.

Cécilia Thibier - KiteSista

Are you also a surfer?

I always dreamt about being a surfer until the day where I left everything and became one! It was 3 years ago and I’m literally addicted! I found my balance with a longboard which is a smooth and allows me also to express my style on the water.

Cécilia Thibier - KiteSista

You have recently worked with "Lore, Mademoiselle of the Sea", a French fashion brand, and shot their most recent collection helping them really show their products in the best light. How did this collaboration happen and are you in charge of artistic and creative direction during the photoshoots?

I met Laure because we share the same passion for ocean. Without knowing each other we can speak the same language and it was very easy for us two to work together in a natural way. Laure is also a pretty good longboarder and she is a real source of inspiration for me on the water.

Cécilia Thibier - KiteSista

What other projects have you worked on recently and what is your best memory?

I had the chance to go to Martinique with an all girl team of 3 models, an editor and a makeup artist for one week for a “Surf Session Mademoiselle” shoot last April.
It was hot, very hot, but we had a lot of fun!! I had to put the surf brands into the spotlight in in a tropical paradise…
My best memory from this was the spontaneity of Tina Kunakey, my favourite of the models, during a photoshoot very early in the morning with the local fishermen it was amazing!

Cécilia Thibier - KiteSista

What do you have in your camera bag, and which accessory is your favourite one?

  • 5DmarkIII
  • Aquatech Waterproof case
  • My favourite lens, the 50mm
  • A 28-300mm
  • My pink Dalfin flippers
  • My flower camera strap that my sister gave me

You are also the mother of an adorable two and a half year old boy… how do you manage your life as a traveler, photographer, surfer and mother?

I had the luck to meet the perfect man, the one who was travelling more than me and who taught me how to surf.
Our little Leho comes everywhere with us and spends only about 6 months a year at school/creche. His first trip was to Morocco when he was only one and a half months.

Cécilia Thibier - KiteSista

It is not easy always easy but we adapt our lifestyle to him and if he is happy we are too. We choose carefully the destinations where we travel and we’ll wait until he grows up a bit more to visit new countries. As a photographer my job is perfect for him because he is free to play outside, on the water, with the nature and I have time to spend with him… it is just the perfect lifestyle for a kid. He will turn 3 in December and for each birthday we change the country, this year it will be Bali!


What are your next projects?

I will keep you update with our winter trip by sending you photos. We’ll start in Hawaii and then Indonesia and we’ll be back in March. Just wish me luck :D

What advice would you give to young people passionate about photography who would like to mix passion, talent and work?

Follow your heart because the easy path is not always the best. To become a great photographer you need to be able to do something else first and then express that knowledge and perspective through the lens. Do it to the best of your ability and everything else will follow suit.

Never look to far in front or behind you because happiness is to be found here and now!

Cécilia Thibier - KiteSista
Cécilia Thibier - KiteSista

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