KiteSista Meets: Céline Rodenas

KiteSista Meets: Céline Rodenas

Kitesista introduces you to Céline Rodenas. The queen of cable park, F-ONE team rider and one of the most positive smiling kitesurfers on the water.

She one of our KiteSistas, she shared her video “think or block” with us few month ago, she is the queen of cable park and she is an F-ONE team rider… last clue, she is definitely one of the most positive smiling kitesurfers on the water and always joking taking the life not too seriously… so, who is this mysterious pro-rider?

Kitesista is proud to introduce you to Céline Rodenas.

Céline Rodenas - F-ONE rider - KiteSista

KSm: Hi Céline… if our information is correct you are 33 years old and you have been kiting for 8 years. You are a professional F-ONE team rider and you were French freestyle vice-champion in 2012.
So what don’t we already know and what are you going to share to give us a chance to get to know you a bit better?

CR: Hi everybody! You information is 100% correct! To tell you a little bit more, I’m French, born in Switzerland making me from the mountains… meaning there were a lot of lakes in my world when I was growing up. I did grow up being governed by the gods of wind as my parents were more interested in running marathons. I did 7 years of athletics where I met some of my my best friends. However I always preferred extreme sports which is why I fell in love with kitesurfing!

Céline Rodenas - F-ONE rider - KiteSista

KSm: In your last video “Think or block” you busted some great freestyle and big kite loops but also some sliders at the cable park…Which is the discipline which gives you the most pleasure?

CR: My young side had definitely influenced me to have fun first which means “no brain sessions” with big kite loops. My target was to reach the height of Ruben Lenten’s kite loop! (hope springs eternal!) but my knee injuries bring me back to the reality (twice surgery of cruciate ligament) and helped me to find another way to have fun in this sport…

Nevertheless the need for adrenaline  remains stronger than reason: I had forbidden myself from trying wakeboarding because of the injury risk… yet today I’m almost as much a fan of wake as I am of kite. I start wakeboarding last year and I must say that this sport is just as addictive and also you do not need all the kite gear and you even get a steady speed on the cable (not like a gusty wind), then you also have plenty of toys on the course.

Céline Rodenas - S-Bend Cable Park

KSm: The height, power and the speed of performing your tricks is something important of you… is it something that you work on or just a natural style of riding?

CR: Very much so! Before the level of the top 3 first women on the PKRA reached this level, I used to watch guy’s videos. The style is so important, sometimes more than the execution, at least that’s my point of view!

KSm: Even if you have commitment and power when you are riding, in your video you chose the “Diva’s Song” from the movie “The Fifth Element” to perform some spring lamb (or possibly gazelles … forgive us our lack of precision) jumps off the water … we can imagine that reaching such a level of expertise required a considerable amount or training?

CR: Yes these are the small jumps of hyperactive baby sheep, a complicated trick performed on land especially in Mediterranean countries because of the resurgence of thistles on the ground at this that of year!

I love the contrast of the life less serious. Part of my character is to know not take itself too seriously sometimes.

Céline Rodenas - F-ONE rider - KiteSista

KSm: We hear that you’ve done a number of fitness videos where you present different types of exercises … so we assume that taking care of yourself and your body are two things that you take quite seriously?

CR: Well girls, if there is one thing to know is that to look and feel, you should not get trapped in preconceptions and formality of age. The number of years listed on your ID card does not indicate the youth or the beauty of your personality!
However some exercises here and there to keep our bums firm do not hurt either!

Céline Rodenas - F-ONE rider - KiteSista

KSm: Do you have any advice or good habits to adopt that you could pass on to our readers who want to prepare themselves physically to be the best they can be on a kite and in a bikini?

CR: To be the best you can be in kitesurfing you need to have fun during your sessions, it shows so much in your riding style! The rest will follow!

To be able to ride more in a bikini, if you have not had the time to sculpt a perfect body for your requirements, I suggest you to ride upwind in order to be behind the boys who might otherwise have their eyes fixed on your lines!

Céline Rodenas - F-ONE rider - KiteSista

KSm: You seem to be a busy girl between competition, videos, camps you organize … etc but obviously it’s not enough for you because you work also for the Kiteboard Journal. Can you tell us a bit more about that?

CR: Between sport and journalism my heart has always rested! I have always enjoyed writing and not only in sports (I love anthropology too!)

It was a little less that 1 year ago that Philippe Lavigne, creator of & contacted me to offer me to become editor of the kite site.

At 33 years old and reaching the limit of my experience in competitions, I jumped at the chance. Today, we’re pretty happy with the results of the site and it continues to grow with viewer numbers always increasing.

The purpose of this site is a selection of all the videos and other forms of media that you can find on social networking sites. Basically, I select for you the best information at regular intervals and publish these items each day!

KSm: You also organise kite camps… is teaching and coaching also something that really calls to you in your professional kiteboarder life?

CR: Organising coaching is really rewarding from many points of view. Firstly because it is a joy to see someone progress as a result of your direct input but also especially also because we can learn so much through teaching others.

Céline Rodenas - F-ONE rider - KiteSista

KSm: Do you have new any projects and camps our readers should know about?

CR: The organisation of kite camps took precedence over the competitions last year. I really loved all the good times spent with different people that I have coached so as a result this is a deal that I have now with F-ONE, but also a project that I want to associate myself further this time in collaboration to offer more destinations with more possibilities …

And so indeed, here we are! I have had the chance to start a partnership with our lovely and talented editor of KiteSista Magazine and her computer whizz other half.

We are offering for this season 2013/2014 three dream destinations for kitesurfing (Brazil, Zanzibar and Venezuela) made unique by the dedicated coaching by 2 girls dedicated to helping you to achieve your goals with a smile!

The name of this project is Kite Camp Pro, which you can find more info about here :

Céline Rodenas & Sofi Chevalier - F-ONE Team riders

KSm: What can we wish you for you future?

Céline: A happy ending with fun!

KSm: A little word to finish?

Céline: Little word

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