KiteSista Meets: Marie Switala

KiteSista Meets: Marie Switala

You know certainly her beautiful smile, now it is time for the lovely Marie Switala to tell us about her and give us some advice for the girls.

You know certainly her beautiful smile because of the video we published recently ‘F-one the next generation‘. Now it is time for the lovely Marie Switala to tell us about her and give us some advice for the girls.

Marie Switala

KSm: Hi Marie, you come from Dunkerque in France, you have just turned 18 and you share your passion with your family who also kite as well… have we got our facts right?

Marie: Absolutely this is exactly me! I can see KiteSista has done their research! It is now 5 years that I have been Kitesurfing and it is all because of my daddy :)
I love traveling the world discovering new people, new cultures and new spots.

KSm: You are a part of the new kitesurfing generation trained by Etienne Lhote, how does the training work and how is the atmosphere in the group?

Marie: Etienne has already organised two training stages since April. The first one helped us to manage the first minutes of the heats which are the most important and in the second training it was about mental imagery to help us to better visualize our tricks. It helped me a lot!

Marie Switala

KSm: Are you the only girl?

Marie: On the first stage I was with Pauline Valesa… but now she has left to live in New Caledonia.

KSm: Where do you imagine yourself in a few of years?

Marie: I would like to be an Air Hostess later… but if I can kite for now, traveling and continuing my studies then I am happy like this! I would also like to continue the competitions and further improve my riding.

Marie Switala

KSm: Do you have a boyfriend?

Marie: No… it’s the time to enjoy myself :) ( KSm: ok guys, post your applications to [email protected] )

KSm: How do you perceive the girls in the kitesurfing industry?

Marie: I see the girls like a real revolution in the kitesurfing world! There are more and more girls who kitesurf, the material available specifically for girls is also growing as well… what more can I ask?

Marie Switala

KSm: Do you manage to find some pleasure when competing with the girls or it is something that stresses you?

Marie: I really like the competitions, it is a another aspect of kitesurfing. A lot of girls are really nice and very cool… but it is also a competition so it definitely stresses me sometimes.

KSm: As pretty as your are… do you have a special Marie beauty secret?

Marie: Thank you KiteSista for the compliment! :) For my hair I use the Kerastase oil just before going into the water… it protects it,  …and after my shower I always use face cream.

Marie Switala

KSm: Do you have some thing really personal that you bring with you when you travel?

Marie: I never travel without my MacBook and my iPhone. (KSm: mmh… not even a cute teddy bear?!)

KSm: Tell us about your style…

Marie: I loooove clothes and shoes! I try out all the latest trends or dress for the occasion.

Marie Switala

KSm: Do you have an advice for the Sistas?

Marie: Push your limits!

I would like to add something else. Firstly really thank you KiteSista for this interview and also, congratulations for your website, it is so cool!

KSm: Thank you beautiful Marie, it was also a pleasure for us as well :)

KiteSista would also like to thank Olivier Pravert for the use of the images in this article.

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