KiteSista Meets: Tom Court

KiteSista Meets: Tom Court

KiteSista spent some time with British tea drinking champion and also an above average kite surfer and film maker. Let us introduce Tom Court.

KiteSista spent some time with the British tea drinking champion and also an above average kite surfer and film maker. Let us introduce Tom Court.

KSm: Hi Tom, You are 20 and come from Isle of Wight in the UK and have been kiting for 8 years now (we googled you) …so we already know a little bit about you, but can you tell us more about the man below the kite?

Tom: Well, for starters I am now twenty four and have been kiting for 12 years (google lies) (KSm: Not Google… you, on your site :) ), which seems to have flown. When I’m not kiting I surf, mountain bike, skate and do as much of it all as possible if I’m not editing a movie or planning trips. I’m based in the UK but I spend a lot of my time traveling so I only get the good bits and miss out on all the rain.

Tom portrait

KSm: You spend the most of your time to traveling around the world to the PKRA events but do you still manage to find some time to ride and relax with your friends in UK?

Tom: Yea I spend a lot of my time traveling and moving from spot to spot. I used to compete in the PKRA a lot, doing all the events and following the world tour. However, over the past few years I have been focusing on more ‘invitational events’ and filming a lot with Aaron, Sam and James for our movie FreeRide Project. I always try to get home to the Isle of Wight, a good group of friends, great wind and surf!

KSm: Do you do any teaching or find yourself getting involved in other aspects of the sport besides the competition and travel?

Tom: I have done a bit of coaching, advanced lessons and camps in the past and I occasionally do, but I prefer the film making and creative side of the sport. I love riding and making movies. There is nothing better than combining two things that make you happy.

Freestyle Tom

KSm: We know already that you are in a relationship with Dan (aka The Kite Launcher) but do you also occasionally notice the girls around you who might have been staring at you intently for a while?

Tom: Well, I only normally keep The KiteLauncher around because he’s so good with the women. I don’t think I have ever seen a girl staring intently…

KSm: As we are sure you are already aware of, you are a little bit more than your average pro kitesurfer… you are also a very sexy man… do you engage in extra training to bring out the best of this side of you?

Tom: ummmm, thanks. I try to keep fit, mostly keep my legs strong as kiting can be pretty brutal sometimes. Other than doing all the sports I can, thats about it. I hate the gym.

Tom Court

KSm: Can we ask a personal question, …would you consider continuing the competition circuit and world travel without your trusty right hand man Dan?

Tom: Well, unfortunately he can’t come on every trip. He has long extended holidays on the profit he seems to make every few months. So, I have to just get on with it, begging for launches where I can.

Action Tom

KSm: From your latest video we have realised that you have ‘dedicated’ assistance to pump the kite, your own exclusive launcher, …are there any other key members of your entourage we should know about?

Tom: Ahh you saw that, the dirty panda. I have had that car for years. Its been taking me to spots as its the ultimate ride to the beach. (KSm: we were talking about the sexy girl who pumped your kite ;) )


KSm: Do you have other passions apart from Kitesurfing?

Tom: Editing video, filming, most extreme sports, spearfishing, paddle boarding and drinking tea. I try to be passionate about everything i do.

Sk8 Tom

KSm: Where would you like to see yourself in 10 years time?

Tom: Making as much as the KiteLauncher…

KSm: What projects are you currently engaged in or have planned for the near future just in case we can’t wait that long?

Tom: I always seem to have projects in the pipeline, if i didn’t i would get bored. Currently planning FreeRide project 2 with the boys, just finished a very childish animation: and got a very cool tent project: that i have been involved in. More videos will be coming out soon!


KSm: If you had to recommend us one kite destination in the world, where would it be?

Tom: That depends what your looking for in a spot but I have just got back from Mauritius. I think that it was one of the best and most all-round kite spots that I have ever been to. Something for everyone. Perth in Australia is also good and the DR in the right season.

KSm: Could offer some words of advice for the guys who would like to follow in your footsteps or just generally be a little bit more like you?

Tom: If you enjoy doing it, keep at it and try to make your own footsteps.

Action Tom

KSm: Got any secrets weighing you down that perhaps you can unload onto us to ease your conscience?

Tom: I don’t keep secrets.

KSm: A sentence or some words of wisdom to finish in style?



KSm: Thanks a lot for your time. It was a real pleasure to spend some time in your company and we wish you all the best for the future. Please also don’t forget to send our love and a kiss to Dan.

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