KiteSista Music: SomethingALaMode

It took us a few years to discover this excellent track “5 AM” through the video “5 more minutes please” published last October on KiteSista. SomethingALaMode alias SALM is a French band formed by Thomas Roussel and Yannick Grandjean, classical musicians in training SALM was founded in October 2006.

The outcome? A first “electro-string” album dexterously mixing the clanging violins of “RondoParisiano”, as baroque as they come, the lofty soul of “ Little bit of feel good” and the heady pop bubbles of “5 AM” (with the young west coast rap singer K.Flay) : twelve masterclass titles uniting a very 70s Easy Loving (Francis Lay style, enough to make Dimitri From Paris jealous) to the pent-up wrath of “Dies Irae”, a warlike march of unimaginable beauty, a hybrid both deeply melodious and radically electronic, a daring fusion of universes which have long been on a quest for each other and which, thanks to SALM, finally prove to be a match made in heaven. (source

So since it is never too late to enjoy a good thing, we invite you to discover their album:

Buy it now on iTunes ? (‘5 AM’ track included)

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