KiteSista Talks To: Victor Hays

KiteSista Talks To: Victor Hays

The team rider from Cabrinha and good friend of Mallory de la Villemarqué has a little private conversation with us.

KiteSista spends a little time with Victor Hays… the team rider from Cabrinha and good friend of Mallory de la Villemarqué has a little private conversation with us.

Name: Victor Hays
Age: 22
Height:  180cm
Colour of Eyes:  Green
Nationality: French-Almanarien

Portrait Victor

Your Kite: Cabrinha CHAOS 2013, I love the 9m and also the 11m
Your Sponsors: Cabrinha, Sooruz, FFVl, HKA, CoolShoe
Your Titles: Top 13 PKRA world tour 2012 – N°2 french PKRA
Your Trips: I just came back from 10 days in Sri Lanka with good friends, Mallory de la Villemarqué (check out his interview), Hugo (Cameraman and friend) and Nico aka Tom cruise. It was perfect, wind everyday… alittle bit gusty, amazing phtoshoot, smiles and good food. I have already done a trip with this crew in Zanzibar but there it was even better.  Looking forward to the next trip… I leave soon for the PKRA in Fuerteventura but I’m going first to the north of the island to enjoy a bit of time with Mallory.
Your Favorite Destination: Brasil, Sri Lanka, Venezuela, Hawaii, Almanarre – Porqueroles, Morocco …
Your Favorite Trick: All tricks that I can do, I like really the slim 5, Switch Slim 5 and Front mobe… but actually I like all the tricks!

Action Vicor

Onto Girls… what are your preferences …

Flip-flops or Heels: I prefer flip-flops but the girly ones (leather), platforms… I’m not really into high heels…
Make-up or Natural: Natural… definitely!
Reserved or Extravagant: Reserved
Dominated or Dominant: With character!
Short Shorts or Sexy Dress: Neither of the two, a beautiful simple dress is enough.
Sporty or quiet: Sporty

Matters of the heart: Taken for the last 4 years and a couples of months with a the nicest, sweetest girl. (KSm: sorry Sistas… his heart is not available)
Your pulling technique: No real technique, sorry I’m not really original!
First date: My first date with my girlfriend… actually to be honest I had to try for a couples of weeks to achieve my goals! (KSm: We like the sound of your girlfriend, strong woman, a real KiteSista!)
Dumping technique (with leash or without): dumping technique without leash… definitely! and no possible relaunch (KSm: Ok, we get the point Victor!)
Some guys advice?: Not really advice but just be natural and it will be enough. (KSm: girls… forget the make up!)

One word to describe you? Nice and passionate (KSm: that’s two, but we will let you off)
Do you have any tattoos? Not that I know, not really a tattoo person (KSm: Can we check anyway?)
Your style: Style COS, American Vintage, not really surf style.

portrait Victor

Your future projects: Continue to make the PKRA for the next couple of years and try to be on the podium as much as possible. Travel with my friends and my girlfriend and why not… create a awesome kite center at home in Hyères, France.

KiteSista Magazine would like to thank you for taking the time to talk to us and we will continue to follow you through your new projects and travels. We wish you all the best for the future.

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