KiteSista Video Test: Zeruko Board by Orao Kites by Decathlon + WIN THIS BOARD

It is no secret that we have been quite vocal to you our audience about the launch of the new €299 kiteboard from the sports giant Decathlon under the name Orao Kites.

The entire Orao devision is headed up by a good friend of ours (full disclosure of course) but since we learned of this project a few years ago we like many of you approached the idea with caution and skepticism.

Once launched the critics were quick to point out the flaw in the promotional video riders skills (‘I mean how could a board be any good if the rider in the video didn’t properly connect with their grab’) which got us interested in both the quality and performance of this board and who it is intended for.

So, we got one finally in our hands and hit our local lagoon in perfect 8m weather and had a play around on the board to see what we thought.


The Conclusion

If you are about to embark on a pro freestyle career then this board is not for you. We were tempted to put boots on it but thought we would not give the internet trolls the pleasure and rode it as it is intended, with the Orao footstraps AND we even left the handle in place.

Let’s be honest, if you buy tis board the factor that has attracted you the most is the price tag. After that you want to know if it is a load of rubbish or a perfectly well performing board.

We are pleased to let you know that it is a great board. The straps are comfortable and adjust well to small feet. The 136cm size is perfect for all heights and abilities and the board rides very nicely, powering upwind and gripping the water without covering you in a load of spray.

Beginners, intermediates who want the joy of owning a brand new board and do not want to break the bank, we are pleased to report that you could do a lot worse than an Orao Zeruko (even if the name is a bit of a mouthful) and it comes with our KiteSista seal of approval.

Want to win one for free

We have now finished with our test board, so as long as you do not mind that we unpacked it and rode it in our tests, we are offering it up to one lucky ready just for entering your email in the form below.

Yes, that simple, enter your email and you can could be the proud owner of a new board.

The competition is now closed.

  • one winner will be chosen at random from entries after closing date
  • competition closes Sunday 15th October at midnight.
  • winner will be contacted by email and will have 24 hours to respond else a second winner will be chosen (we need to get this to you before we leave to Brazil).

More information and where to buy

You can of course buy the board direct from Decathlon
UK –
FR –

(and another 45 countries in 4 continents – check your local Decathlon for more details).

For more information on Orao, you can follow them on Instagram.

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