My New Board, My New Toy

We know that to find the perfect board is almost harder than finding Prince Charming …seriously! With our little feet it’s like we ride mostly strapless with a Twin-tip.

So to avoid a visit the dentist or plastic surgeon as a result of a ‘board accident’ we have to find the board of our dream to ride with all of the comfort, and security.

Let’s have a look at the options…

That’s all nice and new … is there, special Nana … our new Toyboy.

Shinn Toyboy 2012

Always girly and really good performance, this is the freestyle board by North, the ‘Soleil’:

North Soleil 2012

I fell in love for the godess of the pop when I rode it, the new Nobile:

Nobile T5 2012 Womens

My weapon, the new Goldenboard. A board as enjoyable and efficient for us girls (although this is not a female model) because of his ultra comfortable straps who keep our feet very tight without loosening during the ride:

Goldenboard Luxury 2012

The signature board by the pro kiter Kristin Boese nine-time Champion …for sure, it should work well! The BEST 2012 KB

Best Kristin Boese Signature 2012

With its colors and great design, inevitably we will love this… An performance board and definitely feminine, here is theCabrinha Caliber 2012 XO:

Cabrinha Caliber 2012

To finish in beauty and style, here is the new Liquid Force Bliss:

Liquid Force Biss 2012

Be seduced and share your opinions with all the Sistas! Good ride!

Also, of course there are other boards out there for us, girls board I have not mentioned and also can steal the boys boards sometimes ;) but what I want to know from you is, ..what do you ride? and would you reccomend it to other sistas?

Tell us your thoughts below and we might update this list.

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