ORAO Zeruko – A Kiteboard for Girls for €299.99

ORAO Zeruko – A Kiteboard for Girls for €299.99

After years of development and testing Decathalon have just released female specific kiteboard for under €300 aimed at beginner to intermediate riders.

We know this is of course going to divide opinion but whether you like it or not, sporting giant Decathlon have just released a female specific model of kiteboard to compliment their existing men’s model.

The Zeruko is available in a very accessible size of 136×40.5cm and is firmly aimed at the beginner to intermediate market with comfy pads and straps, all for under €300!


The critics will scream that Decathlon are cashing in on the kitesurf market with cheap products, but we know personally this to be very far from the truth.

Camille the ‘Kite Sports product manager’ at Decathlon just so happens to be a personal friend of ours (this does not make us biased – trust us, we were just as skeptical as you) but we have been able to see the YEARS worth or research, development and planning that has gone into the production of these boards.

They are not just a cheap copy thrown onto the market, but a well researched and designed product aimed very specifically at making the sport more financially accessible to more people using the experience and market position of the sporting goods giant.

Zeruko 500 - KiteSista

The boards have been designed by kitesurfing engineers with many years of experience in board design and development and thoroughly tested over the course of the past few years to produce this final market ready product.

Zeruko 500 - KiteSista

Check the fantastic promotional video with a ‘real’ kitesurfer and Decathlon employee putting the board through its paces.

Is this board for you?

If you can associate with the level of riding in the video and can proudly call yourself a beginner to intermediate rider who could not name every pro rider and brand (and is not too concerned about this), but is put off by the thought of spending €700+ on a board …then quite simply YES.

If you don’t know your rocker from your flex and know that neither are affecting your riding skill and style any more than just being able to get out there on the water and practice, …then YES this is a perfect board for you.

We can already hear the complaints that making a cheap accessible board means ANYONE can head to a sports shop, buy one and hit the water without the proper training, …but that is not a very well thought out accusation, …because why is reckless behaviour only associated to those on a tighter budget, and what stops someone with deeper pockets doing exactly the same with the current range of big brand equipment; nothing – and any time spent at any beach will confirm that ‘all the gear and no idea’ will always be a part of any sport including ours.

So hats off to Decathlon and we look forward to getting one of these boards in our hands to test for you and if you are lucky, pass on to one lucky reader.

For more information head over to Decathlon and grab* yourself a bargain whilst stocks last and this is sure to be a summer sell out.

*Available at all European Decathlon sites, just head to your countries.

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