PROJECT 65+: 14 women aged 65-76 living life to the full & kiteboarding

The Women’s Kiteboarding Collective is proud to introduce their video which celebrates 14 inspirational women kiteboarders who range in age from 65 to 76.

These women are a few of the many older women who kiteboard…breaking stereotypes about women, aging and possibilities. Filled with energy, laughter, joy and with a spirited love of life, they live life to the full as kiteboarders. Their passion encourages women of all ages to challenge expectations and to value their unique abilities.

This video is the result of an enthusiastic discussion on our women-only forum about older women kitesurfing. The Collective, a non-profit, global movement of women kiters, thought that this video would educate, inspire and connect women kiteboarders around the world. It thus helps us to achieve our main goal: to empower women through kiteboarding so that they can advocate for improvements for their lives and the lives of others.

May 2018

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