Realise Your Potential – A Real Woman’s Guide to Kitesurfing

We are so incredibly happy to have a video like this land on our desk. So often we hear cries from behind computers to see more ‘real’ women in kitesurfing and watch them represented in high quality video offerings, however we rarely see these videos come to fruition.

Well, now you can sit back and hear from 39 year old Vicki Grayson about her experiences with kitesurfing and we are 100% sure that a huge amount of our audience will be very pleased to see this video and connect with the words and sentiments she has towards this sport we love.

We don’t often as, but if you enjoyed this video please share it as it is important for all the other women out there to know that kitesurfing is not only about sunshine, bikinis and marketed body shapes …it is a real sport for real women.


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