Rita Arnaus – Ready to Bloom

Ready to Bloom is the latest video from Rita Arnaus and her time in Brazil. Showing her freestyle talents and dedication to becoming one of the top female riders in the world.

Kiteboarding has certainly has taken me to many different and incredible places on this planet. This time I lived one such dream for over 3 months whilst in Brazil. “Ready to Bloom” is a video that I have not only used all of my determination, effort and desire to make happen but have also worked on it with all the happiness, joy and passion that I have been given by the sport of kiteboarding.

Everything I have experienced so far has been incredible and I know that this is only the beginning. I’m ready for whatever comes my way next and am going to be taking full advantage of the opportunities and experiences I have waiting. Enjoy it!!


Thanks for all the support and amazing stuff I get from:
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Behind the cameras: Bas Koole, Sam Medysky, Manel Arpa, Phil Larcher, Felipe Moure, Paula Novotna, Rita Arnaus

Music edition: Gabriel Fort
Cover pic by: Dioneia Vieira

Edit: Rita Arnaus

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