SU-2 Kiteboards “With Soul”

SU-2 Kiteboards “With Soul”

These are some of the best looking kiteboards we have seen and they are available to you right now from SU-2 Kiteboards.

What if we told you that you could have both a high performance board that looks amazing on and off the water, with a 3 year warranty and the ability to exchange it for a new board after a year, at half price, regardless of what state it is in.

What if we also told you that these are some of the best looking kiteboards we have seen and they are available to you right now from SU-2 Kiteboards.


Who are SU-2

They are a European brand who have actually been making boards since 1999. Shaping by hand and using the highest quality materials they produce one-of-a-kind works of art “with soul”.


Are these the right boards for me?

Now at this point most magazines would repeat the official company marketing info telling you how the performance of the board is exceptional, the pop enormous, how well it rides in light-wind and then start talking about rocker, flex and concave.

We are not, that information is all on SU-2’s website for you to look over, what we are instead going to do is be very honest. 90% of kiters will never use their board to its full potential, and other than having a size appropriate to you, the conditions you ride in and your preference (because yes, size is a preference) we often choose our boards on look, cost and the comfort of our connection to it (the foot straps).


So what are you saying?

Simple, these boards look amazing. There is little argument to that, we love the Kitebird designs but if that is not for you the Modern line is certain to please you.

They are very competitively priced. As you are uying direct from the brand you are making a saving compared to some of the larger brands boards.

They are extremely comfortable. This is because SU-2 have not cut corners on the pads and deliver a nice thick comfortable EVA pad and velcro strap which keeps feet of all sizesd and shapes in place and connected to the board.


So now what do I have to do?

you have to do something that your average rider does not often do. Choose the right board for your ability. You see, you may want to be a freestyle champion, but if the reality is that you like to cruise up and down and jump high in the air then you will be much better suited to a freeride board than a dedicated freestyle machine – and your knees will thank you too.

If you ride somewhere where the wind is often light, go a size up and try a longer and slightly wider board, as it will help you maximise your time on the water.

If you are travelling around the world but not on ‘official’ kite trips or need to save space, take a split board, you can hide them in your normal luggage and your boss will never know what you did out of office hours on your business trip.

Finally what brands board lineup would be complete these days with a foil. The hottest thing in kiteboarding right now and SU-2 have you covered.

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Design: Mateusz Obarek
Photos: Jakub Obarek & Piotr Zabierzowski.


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