The Best Kite Harnesses For Girls in 2017

The Best Kite Harnesses For Girls in 2017

Updated for with all 2017 harnesses for girls. The run down of all of the available kitesurf harnesses for girls and our thoughts on them.

The range of harnesses for women are expanding more and more and now it can be difficult to know which one to choose and find the product which will best suit our style of riding, our shape and of course our tastes!

This may not be the complete list of EVERY harness available on the market, but we have taken care to select the 10 best kite harnesses for girls in terms of functionality, comfort and aesthetics. Sistas, make your choice.

Mystic - The Diva & The Duchess

Possibly the most popular of all harness brands is Mystic. This year bringing out two offerings for the girls, the Bruna Kajiya signature Diva which focusses on strength control and support.


2017 Mystic Diva Harness + Bruna Kajiya special editon

…and the performance focussed Duchess which concentrates on freedom of movement.


2017 Mystic Duchess Harness

ION Nova Select, Nova & Sol

Just after Mystic in the popularity stakes and possibly ahead due to their reputation for comfort come ION.

The ION Harnesses come in three models starting with the top of the range fully featured Nova Select…

The NOVA SELECT is our pride and joy of the women’s range. Incorporating high tech features,
it’s easy to use and triumphant when it comes to support. The refined Wire_Tec disperses direct pressure points, the X_Spine has been reworked to complement its overall function, and the outline is designed specifically for women.


2017 ION Nova Select

…then comes the Nova standard addition which has a little less tech than the ‘Select’ but comes in a few more colour options and is sure to be a popular choice amongst riders who want a quality harness for a little less investment.


2017 ION Nova

Finally we have the Sol, the lightweight option which is the perfect companion for the freestyle orientated women.

This year ION have also released a Colleen Carroll signature edition colour option which like it’s namesake, is really eye-catching.


2017 ION Sol

Manera Exo

Without any question of a doubt the most popular harness of 2016 based on it’s looks and the number of times we were asked about it is the Manera Exo.

That is not to say that these are not one of the most technically advanced and comfortable harnesses out there (worn by both sides of our office). They come in a whole host of colours, however the pink one that you all love is not part of the 2017 collection, so we suggest you try and grab a 2016 model before they are gone forever.


2017 Manera Exo + 2016 Manera Exo - Pink

Ride Engine Elite, Pro & Hex-Core

No other brand has had such a big impact on the harness market in the last 10 years as Ride Engine. Going from a garage startup by Coleman Kinzie in 2013 to being bought by the parent company of Slingshot in 2015 and now being the harness of choice for most pro who have a choice.

They may not offer a female specific design or colours, but as the harnesses fit so well, there has been no need.

This coupled with the options you have for a spreader bar to suit your way of riding makes it one of the best harnesses currently available on the market.

Constructed with double carbon fiber and Kevlar, the Elite model is our lightest, strongest and stiffest of the three harnesses.


Ride Engine Elite Series

The Pro Team series is designed for precision fit, rugged performance and a durability that will stand up to the toughest punishment.


Ride Engine Pro Team Series

The Hex-core harness is made from our Hex Honeycome Core technology and is the most flexible of our three models, making it a bit more forgiving and universally fitting.


Ride Engine Hex-Core Series

Naish Alana

Although this was actually released back in April this year, no female harness lineup would be complete without the Alana.

Massively popular, a little less pink that previous years, one of those all round harnesses that just does the job.


Naish Alana

Prolimit Eve & Edge

Prolimit have been around for quite some time and back in the day were quietly making some of the most comfortable harnesses on the market.

Their girls offering for 2017 consist of 2 harnesses, the more power orientated Eve…

Top-end moulded waist harness for girls who ride more powered up. Designed with optimized moulded support and higher back and side profile for more body contact. The double buckles and straps spread the hook load over a bigger part of the harness body.


2017 Prolimit Eve

…and the lower profile and more comfortable Edge.

Girls favorite freestyle waist harness. Its our most comfortable Girls waist harness. The bigger neoprene softedge bridges the gap between a low side profile structure and high side profile support outline. This makes it perfect for long sessions and high contortions.


2017 Prolimit Edge

NP Raven

This years Raven from NP comes in two different colours and is the harness of choice for Annabel van Westerop and a comfortable option for those seeking it.

Neck-snapping looks, ultra-comfortable fit and the Back Base system make the Raven the most luxurious harness on the water. Designed specifically with the unique demands and body shape of female riders in mind.


2017 NP Raven


Brunotti have launched an all out offensive in bolstering their team this year with the addition of Youri Zoon, Liam Whaley, Greta Menardo and Annelous Lammerts.

Their lineup of hardware is no different from their riders, solid quality, and the Xena harness is no exception.


2017 Brunotti Xena

Liquid Force Solo & Arc

Although we haven’t seen a dedicate female colour option from Liquid Force, the marketing for their Solo harness has been very much female driven so it would seem unfair to leave them out form this list.

Everyone loves lightweight and easy to use. The Solo harness is just that. Our idea was to eliminate the unnecessary material and over built ideas to achieve a high performance harness with a weight saving advantage.


2017 Liquid Force Solo

The Arc addresses the comfort issue in the following way…

Everyone has a different body shape.  The Arc harness addresses this head on with easy fit customization features. Starting with memory foam lumbar support highlighted by an adjustable back support, to the internal pressure dispersing full wrap suspension, comfort is simple to attain.

As the Liquid Force site had only just been update at the time of writing we may be updating you soon with new colours.


2017 Liquid Force Arc

RRD Sense

The final offering comes from RRD which is actually a kitesurf/windsurf convertible harness so useful for girls who like to enjoy both sports but only want one harness.


RRD Sense

In conclusion we realise there may be other harnesses out there, but this really does cover all of the most popular and available options.

If you would like advice on a harness or would like to suggest additions to this list then do not hesitate to email us at [email protected].

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