The Best Female Brand Ambassador – 2016 Reader’s Choice Awards


The role of a female brand ambassador in kitesurfing can be a difficult path to tread with critics ready to punch from all sides regardless of the hard work and dedication you put in. No longer is being a competition winner, product tester, lifestyle blogger, social media superstar, magazine contributor, media generator, sales person, coach and inspirational speaker enough, now you must excel at everything to really be a great ambassador.

Colleen Carroll is the considered the female face of North Kiteboarding certainly in the US and it is her hard work across all elements and media that have earned her this position. The girl never stops and this year has been rewarded with a signature harness from ION.

Paula Novotna may not have the same role as Colleen, but this has allowed her to create her own image at North Kiteboarding and evolve it over the years. We can tell you that in any spot, in any kite hotel, listening in on many a conversation about female kiteboarding, her name comes up as a kick ass inspiration to other riders.

Suami Cavallo has the job of promoting DaSilva globally as the only female rider. This is a big task for a young rider but something she performs extremely well bringing and showing the Cabarete spirit with her wherever she goes.

Charlotte Consorti has been a stalwart of the F-ONE team for a long time. However she never stops travelling, working and producing media that shows the French brand’s products in the best light through her videos and articles.

Liloo Gringa has been the sole female face of the rising brand Crazy Fly these past two years and has risen to the challenge immensely well. Be it in competition, magazines, video and photo shoots she has helped to make the brand more known and accessible to other female riders through her work.

Now it is just up to you to decide which is your favourite for 2016.

Voting is now closed, the winners will be announced shortly.

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