The Best Female Rider Run Brand – 2016 Reader’s Choice Awards


We want to reward the girls putting in the hard graft off the water to create brands and products for you the kiting masses. These girls have had to take their dream, work hard at it and master commerce, marketing, accounting, logistics and a lot more to make it a reality.

This year sees nominations for Sensi Graves Bikinis, one of the original rider brands paving the way for bikinis that stay on while you ride.

Also nominated is Josea Surfwear, a German brand that has been really well received by riders this year with supportive bikini tops, surf suits and leggings allowing you to ride in what you feel most comfortable in.

Bianca Bikinis is back, the Italian born and Cabarete located brand which has been a round for a few years but still a favourite with riders such as Susi Mai.

Truli Wetsuits is a newer brand making it’s way into the kiting market. Created by water woman Mia Toose they specialize in high quality neoprene that lets you concentrate on riding.

Finally we have Sirensong Wetsuits. One of the first really custom wetsuit creators they remain  unique in their look and individuality with each piece hand painted.

Now it is just up to you to decide which is your favourite for 2016.

Voting is now closed, the winners will be announced shortly.

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