The Evolution of Ride Engine – 2016 Harnesses and Wetsuits

The Evolution of Ride Engine – 2016 Harnesses and Wetsuits

Since we introduced you to Ride Engine in 2013 the brand has skyrocketed to success and launching a full range of harnesses, spreader bars and wetsuits.

It has been quite a while since we first introduced you to a young man from Santa Cruz called Coleman Buckley. He was making some amazing custom harnesses with solid shells moulded to your body and custom designs just for you.

We at KiteSista got us a couple of these harnesses and absolutely loved them. That was July 2013 and in the space of a couple of years the Ride Engine brand has skyrocketed to success, launching in 2016 a full range of harnesses, spreader bars and wetsuits.


We highly recommend you go back and read the original interview because it demonstrates just how far you can come with drive, passion and a good idea.

However now we will waste no time in showing you just where Ride Engine is today and some of the products they have on offer for you.


We start with the harnesses and have a look at the 3 ranges available. First off, the Hex Series.

These are the entry range harnesses priced at $249 and come with all of the Ride Engine technology. The core of the harness is an ergonomic hard shell contoured to distribute load evenly across the lumbar and hips and lock the harness low on your back where it’s supposed to be.


The Hex-core harness is made from Hex Honeycome Core technology and is the most flexible of the three models, making it a bit more forgiving and universally fitting. Don’t let that description fool you though; this is still a rigid, form fitting harness that will to lock firmly in place like no other.


Next up we have the Team Series. The team series layers fibreglass, carbon fibre and kevlar to make very light, stiff and extremely durable harnesses.

This is the weapon of choice for serious kiters wanting the extra performance from their harness.


Finally we have the Elite Series. These harnesses are constructed with double carbon fibre and kevlar making them the lightest and strongest (and likely most expensive) of the three harnesses.

These harnesses are both ‘state-of-the-art’ and works of art at the same time


Back when we got our harnesses in 2013 you had to use your own spreader bar, but not any more. Now all of the harnesses can be combined with a selection of spreader bars from Ride Engine depending on your requirements.

There is both a metal slider bar and metal fixed bar to satisfy the needs of both surfers and freestylers at the same time, and for those who want no compromise minimal weight there is even a carbon fibre slider bar.


If this cutting edge technology was not enough, Ride Engine surprised us all by coming out with a complete range of wetsuits from 5/4 winter suits with integrated hoods, to shorter summer versions. Of course there are wetsuits for the guys, but what is really special is that they have come out with a complete female range too. The Elara Series.


Whilst the Elara series look great, the Almar series of summer suits is something else.

Avoiding the cliches of pink and more commonly female associated colours they have gone for a great combination of grey and turquoise with two very feminine cuts depending on your preference.


We absolutely love these suits and can’t wait to see them in person, however as if they had not done enough, Ride Engine are also developing luggage and travel bags too for 2016.



We highly recommend you go and find out more over at and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Anything you don’t find on the site you will find in their complete online product catalog.

…and of course if you haven’t already, check out how it all started in Coleman’s front room.


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