The Monkette – Introducing the Next Female Board From Shinn

The Monkette – Introducing the Next Female Board From Shinn

Shinn who are known for the quality boards have come out with their next female specific board, the Monkette. More information and video here.

It has been a we spoke to the kite surfing legend Mark Shinn, and since then he is a married father (congratulations Mark).

Why are we reminding you of this, …simple, family life has mean’t an inevitable evolution of the brand. …a new female specific board called the Monkette.


Designed to offer high performance in a silky smoothpackage this is the perfect board for both playful and demanding ladies alike.

Outstanding grip, effortless chop handling and superb, easy to access POP work together to make all your moves easier – big air or freestyle, you choose.


Un-ashamedly sharing the Monk’s fine DNA the Monkette is a fine blend of constant curve rocker, SQ3 mould shaping and progressive concave, definitely the most relevant board for women available today, make sure to claim this fine treat for yourself.


  • SQ3 3D deck mould for outstanding range
  • Supplied with BITE composite fins and handle
  • Awesome dedicated ladies performance
  • Inserts for both straps and boots
  • The original CC rocker line
  • Sneaker 5 connection pack
  • 100% wood core
  • 2 year warranty



Now checkout the great video featuring Katie Chandler, ..and for more info check out the Shinn site for more information.

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