The Most ‘Steeziest’ Park Rider – 2016 Reader’s Choice Awards


2016 has certainly been the year of park riding. With the formation of the KPL and a host of events around the world we have had a chance to see a number of girls stepping up to the challenge of kickers and sliders. Park riding is however all about ‘steez’ (‘style with ease’ in case your wondering) and these girls have got it.

Karolina Winkowska decided to leave the freestyle tour and concentrate on the new challenge of park riding. She did exactly that, winning the Blue Palawan, Triple S and overall KPL title she showed that she has what it takes.

Colleen Carroll came in second in the overall KPL title but that takes nothing away from the efforts she puts into her style and riding, which is some achievement given the time she spends organising events as well.

Sensi Graves is just behind her long time friend and riding partner Colleen in the rankings. Her position as a figurehead of women’s park riding in the US is testament to the time she has put in to the discipline.

Annelous Lammerts like Karolina decided to put her efforts into the park this year and take a break from freestyle. With some great videos and a win at the Hood River Jam she showed that she is a rider to be reckoned with.

Julia Castro may not have had the result she wanted at the Blue Palawan, but she picked herself up and decided to aim high, entering herself into the European Wakeboard Championship and coming a very impressive 6th. Not bad for a kiter.

Now it is just up to you to decide which is your favourite for 2016.

Voting is now closed, the winners will be announced shortly.

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