The Ultimate Sista Christmas Gift List

The Ultimate Sista Christmas Gift List

Still struggling to find the perfect present so that that your favourite Sista won’t be disappointed at Christmas… Look no further.

Are you are struggling to find the perfect present for the true beach babe in your life who is passionate about board sports?

Here is our ultimate guide so that you can be sure that your favourite Sista won’t be disappointed at Christmas…

1. Poncho


Poncho We Ride Local

A nice, soft and warm Poncho is an essential for a sista as we really dont like to be cold when we get change on the beach or a parking after a session.

With so many cute one on the market you will be sure that you will find one she will like.

2. Spring Suit


Vivida Surf Suit

As it is not so easy to choose a winter wetsuit we just recommend you to go for a spring suit. Even if she can’t wear it right now it is always nice to have a small and girly wetsuit in our wardrobe waiting for the sun to come back.

3. A new bikini

Sensi Graves Bikinis - SistaZone

Sensi Graves Bikinis Selection

Easy… well not always. Of course if you choose the right brand and you know her taste you will make her very happy but be sure you know what you are doing…

(Better sometimes to give her a voucher for the brand and let her choose herself).

4. A GoPro


Even if this one is not the cheapest option it is for sure one of the best presents on the list.

5. A pair of Snugs


Check them out on Snugs site

You just realised that she already has a GoPro… so here is another on our list of the ULTIMATE present… a pair of Snugs Earphones.

There will be no resisting you after this one…

6. A new pair of leggings


We Ride Local Leggings

Every single girl who kites already has already a pair of leggings in her wardrobe… but it is just such an adaptable and useful present as she will be able to wear it for yoga or running even if she can’t wear it on the water just yet.

7. A one piece suit


Josea Meltemi Surfsuit

This one can be a bit tricky like the bikini but less risky… the one piece is very trendy at the moment and they fit most body shape very well… just be sure that is not too cheeky if your girl is not that way inclined.

8. A tangle teaser

Tangle teaser

Tangle Teaser Hair Brush

Even if she already owns one she will be happy as this is one of the most important beauty products to own when you spend your life in the water.


9. Beach Jewellery


Mood Jewellery

You can’t go wrong with a beautiful piece of jewellery… just be careful with the brand you choose.


10. A new pair of shoes...


Ronix Limelight

… don’t get us wrong we are not talking about high-heels or pumps.

Just have look at our 2018 guide to female boots and you will understand better what we are talking about.

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