Tips to Get Over Your Fears While Riding

Tips to Get Over Your Fears While Riding

I you feel you need to take action… and challenge yourself here are some tips for you to get over your fears and challenge yourself without too much anxiety.

We should always do things that makes us happy, right?

Sometimes, I wonder why we put ourselves in situations of fear, discomfort etc. Where we won’t have it all under control. It is actually a very good point of reflection.

So why going out of our control zone? Why do we feel like challenging ourselves and not being fulfilled with what we have achieved so far?

Well, firstly, we shall ask ourselves the following questions:
Am I alright and happy like this, as, am I still enjoying it as if it was the first day?
Or is it the opposite, and I am getting a bit bored of doing the same kind of things every time I am out there?

If the answer to the first question is YES, enjoying fully all you do, even without attempting new tricks, well then you are where you are supposed to be!
Some of you might not feel the need to challenge themselves constantly, and it is absolutely fine to be content with what you have right now, doing what you love and makes you happy.

But then… if you answered yes to the second question, then, you need to take action… and challenge yourself again. So here are some tips for you to get over your fears and challenge yourself without too much anxiety.

Photo Cover: Marika Zabini


Go step by step

If you feel like trying a new trick or going in new conditions, like waves, strong wind or choppy water instead of flat… then make sure you don’t go extreme. Make sure that it is not too challenging and be aware of what you do.

Take your time to analyze the situation and never forget to ask around you before getting out there.


Rider: Emely Freja

Make sure you are fit, healthy, and not tired

Before challenging yourself by trying new things, always make sure you are feeling good and balanced… both in your body and mind.

You need to be 100% present, in the moment, to make sure you don’t hurt yourself.


Rider: HannaIda

Trust yourself

Do not doubt yourself. It’s not the time for that! You are ready to attempt new things and you truly believe you can do it.

No need to overthink this, as it is useless and will not serve you. Just take the good part of it, you have confidence in yourself and there is no need to question this again.


Do it with your heart

If you are here thinking “I really want to do this” then remember… you do it because you want it, no because someone pushed you to do it and because you know that it will put a giant smile on your face if you manage to (at least) try it.

Do it with you heart: just smile and give it a try.


Rider: Nadine Myakotina

Make mistakes

It is only by trying that you will get there. Try, make mistakes, learn from them and get better everyday.

Fail? go back on your feet and try again.

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Rider: Liloo Fourree

Smile at yourself

Laugh at yourself… don’t take those things too seriously… you feel like you look ridiculous? Who cares! You feel like you’ve got no style? Who cares! Just remember to ask yourself one question: did you smile when you tried it? Yes? Then you succeeded, congratulations!


Rider: Sara Cerqueira


Rider: Sofi Chevalier

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