Turn You Old Board Into a Skateboard with Diirt

Turn You Old Board Into a Skateboard with Diirt

Want to finally do something with your old boards and turn them into something useful? You need the DIY Sk8 box by DiiRt Upcycling.

We have a large collection of old boards in our house? Do you? Is it time to finally do something with them and turn them into something useful. That is where the DIY Sk8 box by DiiRt Upcycling comes into it’s own.


What is it?

We have packed into this kit all the nuts and bolts required plus a number of different deck shapes to allow you to be your own skateboard designer. This complete set will provide you with all you need to create your ‘do it yourself’ skate. You will need a jigsaw and a drill a bit slightly larger than 3/16 inch (4.7625 mm) which is exactly the truck screw size – a 7/32 inch (5mm) drill would be perfect as it allows a bit of room for not absolutely perfect holes. In this complete package we even have included the tools you need to tighten the nuts and bolts.


Here is one we made earlier...

If you want to make a cruiser you will need an old snowboard or skateboard or anything else you can figure out possible for making a skateboard deck with. It is possible to make 2 cruisers with one freestyle snowboard using the tail and the nose sections to create the tail of your skateboard.

Having a tail on board is really fun for enjoying ollies or just kicking your board into your hands when you stop, but if you like more of a slalom board or a flat strong deck then the middle of the snowboard will be a better choice. Usually snowboard bases have really cool artwork so you don’t have to do anything to have an amazing one-of-a-kind skateboard.



We suggest you to use the griptape for the top as is really necessary to have firm traction with your feet when you ride, so even if the artwork on the top is really beautiful, please don’t forget to stick Diirt’s grip tape (included in the pack) – BUT – you can cut the grip and stick it with a spaces or patterns to allow you to show a bit of the snowboards top design.

We have know-how videos on diirt.net that you can watch and also on our youtube channel ‘diirt upcycling’ to help you with this. We are certain that you will have a lot of fun Doing it Yourself and creating your own skate to rip up streets and hills! Keep in touch: show your work on Instagram:  @diirt_upcycling #DiYSK8box #madebymyself #diirt .

We will be super stoked to see your creations and share the boards you created. Enjoy the ride !

For more information just visit: www.diirt.net

Check out the video to show and inspire your next creation


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