Do YOU Want to Join F-ONE’s Next Generation?

Do YOU Want to Join F-ONE’s Next Generation?

The F-ONE Next Generation initiative has given us two junior world champions and changed the lives of the riders in the programme. Now it is YOUR CHANCE to join.

F-ONE was the first brand to really support younger riders with their Next Generation initiative, started back in 2014 they began taking talented young riders and supporting them with more than just equipment.

The Next Generation became a real team with trips that helped them prepare for competitions on the big stage, manage media profiles, shoot photos and video and look after themselves so that they can make the most of their kiteboarding careers.


The initiative has turned out two current Junior World Champions in Mikaili Sol and Maxime Chabloz and also launched the hugely talented Nicolas Delmas onto the main stage where he made a big impression before sustaining an injury that has seen him taking some recovery time out.

You only have to see the video we shot of Mika and Maxime a few months ago to see what kind or talent they nurtureĀ in riders who are still under 16.

We also spoke to previous team members Javier Jimenez, Osaia Redding, Nikolaj Holmlund, Cisil Ozen, Katie Bowcutt, Lazare Gournay and Lucas Tarin to find out more about what it mean’t to be part of such a team.

You can see them all together in the 2016 video from their training camp in Tarifa to get more of a feel for what the initiative is about.

Now it is YOUR CHANCE to be part of the team as F-ONE are recruiting.

You need to be under 18 and of course crazy about kiteboarding for the chance to go on a trip which could change your kitesurfing career.

Coached by the best and surrounded by amazing young riders, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

If you’re interested then send a video with your best tricks along with a short presentation of yourself [age, country of origin, location, results etc.] to [email protected].

Don’t waste any time as this really is the opportunity of a lifetime.

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