What Bring Us Happiness

What Bring Us Happiness

I remember seeing so many girls waiting at the beach for their guy to finish his session and wasn’t happy about the balance of girls taking part in the sport.

Do you remember how did you felt when you first started kiting?

Pause for a second and remember how you felt during those first few sessions. If we think back for ourselves, we were both excited and terrified at the same time. To see all those great kiters jumping around can be an obstacle for some to start with kiting. By motivating and empowering others, we can feel great about ourselves and enjoy our lives to the fullest.

Here’s to the ones who want to feel great about themselves from a nervous beginner to a confident kite surfer:

Step 1: Have fun learning, enjoy every single step of the process. Enjoy where you are now.

Step 2: Don’t push yourself to be the best kiter on the spot – Be the best version of yourself, the perfection will follow.

Barbara from Big Blue Boards is here to reflect on what the experience has taught her and offer her thoughts and advice to us girls.

All it takes is a little kick

We, girls, are generally not as confident as guys are – that’s a fact (well maybe you are but most women are not).

Do you also have a friend who is afraid to try because she thinks that she is not strong enough or she is too tiny to handle all the gear? You would be surprised how little it takes. Sometimes just small encouragement can mean a lot to the person and increase her confidence. Overall, to get them on kite means way more than that. It means the great portion of self-appreciation and self- believe in her life. It’s soooo worth it!

Big Blue Board - KiteSista

Why should we help each other?

More we encourage women to feel confident from the first ride, more fun and joy kiting brings us all. It’s fun to have fun and work on yourself but once we help others to feel great about themselves, it will bring more joy to us as well. On top of it, kite spots will be much safer as we educate newcomers around us and make them feel free to ask for help.

Big Blue Board - KiteSista

From wonder women one day to potato the other day

Have you ever felt like you got it all and you progress fast and jump like you’ve never jumped before? And then… the other day you ready to rock’n’roll and continue in your superwoman mood and nothing works as you expected?

Relax! Every day is different – not just wind, waves, and conditions, but also our mood, energy, and strength. Appreciate it. Be grateful for being able to kite, be on amazing place and having free time to do what you love. Don’t beat yourself up. Accept it and try to just enjoy the free-ride, yourself and the beauty of nature.

Big Blue Board - KiteSista

Barracuda Board in Big Blue

Let's look at it from different angles... every experience is valuable

Have you ever self-rescued and swam an hour to the shore? Have you ever injured yourself, step on the sea urchin and could ‘t kite for next two weeks? Have you ever lost our board and didn’t find it?

It may seem that all universe is against you. Or you can look at it from the different perspective and be grateful. I know what you think. Grateful for losing my board? Seriously? No way!

Think how much all these lessons teach you about kiting and your own. It’s like a speed up life course. Let’s love them all!


Barracuda Board

Let's have plan B

Do you also know those people who are happy only when the wind blows (or maybe you are one of them)

Well, let’s face the fact that mother nature is stronger then us and we don’t do much about it. Instead of being grumpy and moody and check the forecast every hour, let’s have a plan B. Have fun and enjoy the day surfboarding, SUPing, yoga or creating something valuable for people around you. #nowindnoproblem.

Big Blue Board - KiteSista

Barracuda Board

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