Why You Should Try Dry Brushing

So, you think you have tried everything on your skin…

Super hydrated homemade scrubs which you have made yourself with love, …drinking 3 litres of water everyday, applying 50 different type of moisturiser,… yet you still have crocodile skin!!!


As you spend the most of your time in the salty water and expose your skin to the sun and the wind you will have to fight hard to have a chance at finally having skin which is even close to being smooth as a baby’s bottom.

So then why have’t you given a try to the dry brushing technique?


What is it?

Nothing that complicated it turns out… all that you have to do is just to buy a brush with natural bristles and then before your shower, once a day, brush your skin gently with your brush.

Use a coarse one for your entire body and a softer one for your face.


After that take your shower, dry your skin and apply your normal moisturiser. It’s as simple as that!



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