WKL Leucate – Girls Qualifiers Day 2 – Results

WKL Leucate – Girls Qualifiers Day 2 – Results

It has been a pretty eventful morning for the finale of the women’s qualifiers for the World Kiteboarding League main event in Leucate. Check out all the results here…

It has been a pretty eventful morning for the finale of the women’s qualifiers for the World Kiteboarding League main event in Leucate.

The morning started early with the first heat kicking off at 8am prompt and although there were brief pauses as the wind settled in, the qualifier event was completed and we now have the ladder and qualified riders for the main event.

It was a close battle and of such importance for the girls as a qualification here secures their place for the 2017 season and also counts towards the 2018 season.


Vera Klabbers


  • Lidewij Hartog
  • Mikaili Sol
  • Liloo Fourre
  • Maureen Castelle

The first heat of the day saw a strong start from the young Brazilian rider Mikaili Sol. Although not yet old enough to contest the main event this year, proving her right to have a place on the tour and put her mark down for 2018 was so important to the young rider and she did just that with a score of 25.73 and landing four solid tricks.

However it was the French rider Maureen Castelle who replied to everything the Brazilian had to offer and edged her out by just 0.17 and took the win with 25.9 in one of the closest fought heats of the day.

Liloo Fourre managed to stick two good tricks but just could not get the consistency she needed and the young Dutch rider Lidewij Hartog took the final place in what was certainly a fantastic learning experience for her as she makes the transition to the competitive disicpline.


Maureen Castelle throwing down in both directions


Lidewij Hartog giving it everything


Mikaili Sol is not afraid to go big


Maureen Castelle takes the win


  • Julia Castro
  • Pippa van Iersel
  • Annelous Lammerts
  • Rita Arnaus

The second heat of the day saw the ever brave Pippa van Iersel take to thge water essentiallyone armed with a badly injured shoulder, however she knew the importance of being present on the water for her 2018 ranking and still managed to notch some points on the board.

It was no match however for Annelous Lammerts who became the first girl to break the 26 points barrier in the competition and took the heat with an impressive 26.02.

Rita Arnaus came in second with a strong and consistent heat and Julia Castro was just unlucky to miss out in thrid as some confusuon in the score she required caused her to not go for the trick she needed on the last attempt.


Julia Castro just misses out after riding well


Annelous Lammerts is very much back


Pippa van Iersel putting on a brave fight


  • Rita Arnaus
  • Annelous Lammerts
  • Vera Klabbers
  • Therese Taabbel

As things started to really heat up it was Annelous Lammerts who once again showed just why we missed her from the tour last year and stomped an even more impressive 26.7 total score with an 8.13 backmobe to close out her heat and take the win.

Again Rita Arnaus was strong and consistent and managed to edge out Therese Taabbel for second place.

Vera Klabbers had a heat she would rather forget with 4 crashes in a row to come in last but she knew there would still be one last chance for her.


Vera Klabbers getting into her zone


Rita Arnaus making sure the s-bend part is clean


Therese Taabbel riding consistently


  • Mikaili Sol
  • Maureen Castelle
  • Isabeau Galiart
  • Francesca Bagnoli

One of the closest heats of the day saw the highest score of the day from Francesca Bagnoli to finally clinch her spot in the main event that she has narrowly missed out on the last few years. She took the win with 26.71 points and scored strongly for all of her tricks.

Maureen Castelle also secured her place on the tour with 26.38 so close behind.

Mikaili Sol deserved more but consistentcy let her down however her mark was well and truly left with the highest single scoring trick of the day, a massive 8.4 for a heart attack. Something we know bought a big smile to the faces of her supporters.

Isabeau Galiart bought in the rear just struggling to get the tricks landed but also secure in the knowledge she would get another go.


Highest trick of the day so far


Maureen Castelle continues to impress everyone


Francesca Bagnoli going big and nailing it


Francesca Bagnoli sealing her place with a kiss

HEAT #10

  • Isabeau Galiart
  • Vera Klabbers
  • Mikaili Sol
  • Therese Taabbel

This was the make or break heat for Isabeau and Vera. Mikaili knew she could not qualify and Therese was already qualified, so both girls attacked a very difficult heat which was briefly paused with a drop in the wind sending most riders downwind out of the zone.

Therese took the heat with a score of 25.84 and her pride restored after coming third in her previous heat.

It was Mikaili Sol who came in second sendin her fans wild as without the age restrcitions she would have seen herself on the tour this year and proved the point she set out to that her place is deserved and she is here to stay.

Vera and Isabeau both had really difficult heats, struggling with the wind and changing kites multiple times, and in the end it came down to onlya few points but it was Vera who edged out Isabeau with 11.3 versus 8.5 to seal her third place and find herself on the main tour for the first time.


Competitors on the water, friends off the water.


Isabeau Galiart just not having the day she wanted


Past and future champions sharing the stoke

All the girls rode really well and adapted to the conditions and of course there is drama and heartache but this is what makes sporting competition what it is and makes the difference between great competitors from simply great riders.

The main event for the girls will start in an hour and you can watch the live stream directly on the World Kiteboarding League Facebook page and follow the scoring on the World Kiteboarding League site.


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