WOO 2.0 – Time for Wakeboarders to Play

WOO 2.0 – Time for Wakeboarders to Play

The new WOO 2.0 designed for wakeboarers is about to turn your sessions in the park or behind the boat into interactive games with your friends.

New for WOO 2.0, wakeboarders can now create session reports, log tricks in their tricktionary, and share sessions with friends anywhere in the world!




That is the release statement from WOO and to be honest it looks very exciting. With the new device it will apparently work out your tricks and score you based on height, landing and difficulty. You can then use this to build up a score for your session and compete against your friends for who can throw down the best tricks and variations of tricks.

Turn sessions into interactive games

This opens up a whole new way in which to ride at the cable park or behind a boat and whilst we do not know just how accurately it will be able to call the trick, it would definitely be an interesting concept to move over to kiting too.

Of course there will be those that know if won’t be able to pick up on extra grabs and style points, but it is guaranteed to be popular and a lot of fun.



They begin shipping in mid September and you can pre-order yours here.

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